Monday, December 29, 2014

The Three in the tree...

Hey yall! 

I'll update you on Gillian and Charley!

Gillian and Charlie
So they ended up being baptised this week! That was cool! Gillian wanted her's to be done in private! So, I baptised her while everyone sang the baptismal hymn! Then Elder Harman baptised Charlie! There was also Another girl who got baptised that day too! Her name is Emma and the other team was working with her! So that is great! Then the next day they showed up to church and theyI had the chance to comfirm them! That was scary! I hope I did fine!  

Besides that It has been really hard trying to get poeple to teach! Everyone is to busy with the christmas season! 

I'll tell, everyone who hasn't already heard, What I did on Christmas! We went over to a mambers home for lunch and he has schizophrenia! He's crazy! IT was alright! Nothing crazy happened there! Then we went over to Dave's house! That was crazy! when he walked out of his kitchen there was a trail of smoke following him! Then we sat down and do brought out our food he spilt turkey juice all over the floor! However, he gave us a mountain of food! Then elder Harman looks at me and said, "I can't eat this!" I just chowed it down the best I could! 

Besides that on my birthday I really didn't do anything specail! I went to McDonold's! It was a party! I was just happy to be apart of the baptisms! 

Take is easy loved ones and remember Light and truth forsake that evil one. 


Elder Smith! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

MERRY Christmas to all!!

Hey all,

So it's the Christmas week coming up and I'll tell you about our investigators really quick!

Gillian & Charley
So They are still being baptised on the 27th (It's still my birthday!) So that is good! Gillian wants her to not be an open service, but her son wants his to be seen by the whole world! So I'll baptise Gillian and then my companion will baptise Charley! That will by fun! They seem to be really happy every time I seem them! I can't wait! It will be fun!

So he has postponed his baptism! It's mostly because it isn't worthy and he knows it! So that is Great! I really can't complain about that! He has been looking into anti mormon stuff still! It wierd though! He has BIG doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet, BUT he is still trying to live righteously! That is fantastic! He has so much faith that I'm surprised! He has way more then me for sure! So he is awesome! I love that guy! We are going to see him today! I can't wait!

So Dave is getting married! which is a good thing! He are helping out with that! I think I am giving a pray! who knows!? But We are just focusing on that however! Then once christ mas and new years die down we are going to teach him every thing over agian! I was talking to him and he said that hardest thing for him is to sit down and read his scriptures! it's because his house is crazy and so he can't focus! I told him that we can kidnap him and take him to the church to teach him! 

Shawna Barown
She just got prepare this passed couple weeks! She her husband, son and daughter died, Right? So a couple weeks ago she took a stroke! and now she is worried about dying! She is mostly worried about leaving her little grand daughter! So she is "white and readery to harvest"!

BEsides that I got my new companion! His name is Elder Kyle Harman! He's a stud! He's form California and Carona area! He has a way good testimony! It's been taught though because he's not much of a talker! So It's hard to get a conversation going! I's get him talking soon!

Then last night we went caroling! That was fun! We went around to poeple that we didn't know and sang them a sang! It was a blast! Also it was pooring rain but still fun!

So that is my update and a shout out to my family! I'll be Skyping at 8:00pm (about 1:00pm) so prepare yourselves! And can we do the same thing as last time? Let me know!

I love you all! 

-Elder Smith

P.S. It's birthday friday! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas time is here no one wants to talk but the Lord prepares away so how! 

I'll tell you about our investigators! 

Gillian and Charley! 
Still on track to be baptised on the 27th (My birthday!) WOOO WHOO! They are progress along quite well! They missed churchthis Sunday because Charley had a pee infection! What can you do about it! so he's doing good! But we'll see them tomorrow! So no worries! 

Been looking up at anti-mormon stuff! Started doubting the Joseph Smith as a Prophet! (I hate anti-mormon stuff) If the Book is true then what more do you need! as my friend Jonathan Robert Meenan from pollok said "The church is true! The book is blue! The cows go moo!" What more do you need? I love that kid! However he still know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God! So I can't Complain! All I'm hear is to help him understand the truth!

He's our new investigator! Sadly he's busy untill the new year and we can't see him until after that! Cool thing about him is that I fasted for him and God answered my Fast! That was a Cool experiance! BUt with Barry! He fell off a latter and broke his back! After recovering, he can still walk! But It looks a bit different! However, all he wants the learn more is about god!  When we were teaching him the restoration! he said to us in the middle of the lesson, "wait, this seems a LOT more then what I though it would be!" LEt me tell you! It is A lot more then what we think it is! then he asked us if we think we will ever comprehend it all! I feel like I never will! But it's good thing he is telling us this thing that means he is actually listening! 

Besides that, We did a lot of tracting this week! And I am getting a new Companion! His name is elder Harman! PARTY! I don't know the kid though! 

My doctrinal insight for the day! is this...
Faith is knowlegde, So read your scriptures! 

Now my challenge for you all is to figure out HOW faith and works are connected!

I want to know your guys insights!

I love you all I'll hear from you next week!

Elder Smith! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

They really don't know!

It's snowed here yesterday! It wasn't really snow it was more like falling slush! good thing I was inside most of the day! 

I'll tell you about our investigators That we saw this week! 

Gillian and Charley! 
They are so excited to be baptised! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and the law of thithing this week and gillian kinda of had a probablem with the law of thithing but she basically said that she has to trust what we are telling her! Nest lesson However I am going to Kinda go over it and tell her to pray about it! and give a lesson about the spirit!

He was really hard to get a hlod of this week and finally on saturday we saw him at his house and he said that he had friends in and then promised us that he would come to church! I texted him the next morning and he said he just woke up and was really tired! I kept encouraging him and he finally came and REALLY enjoyed it! Then he told him the thing that really got him was when he texted me he'll try to come to church I replied back saying, "The great Yoda once said, do or do not there is no try!" He said that really lifted his spirits! Thomas Is great!

That really who We saw this week! So I tell you about all the cool stuff and try to spiritually up lift you because that is my job! 

So on friday we had teh oppertunity to go to the christmas missionary chior! That was so good! IT's amazing how many different ways we can feel the spirit! I Flippin Love it! 

Today in my personal studies I read something very cool! 

Matthew 18:20
 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

When I read this I though how great of a blessings that is for us missionaries! That is a promise saying that if we doing everything in His name then He wil carry us forth in the work! And I know that to be true!

My companion is a bit crazy and want to carry around a sack lunch so we can only take 15 minutes for lunch instead of an hour and I told him that is would be a bad idea but we can fast instead then he said that we can do both! So I told him We'll try it out! saturday was a very hard day! but I know that the only way that I made it through without freaking out at my companion was because Christ was with us! So I made it threw! 

I just love the scriptures!

well that is my weekly update at least the fun stuff!

but take care everyone! And I love you all!

Elder Smith is out! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another one came, Another Gain!

FAMILY is sounds like you had a great holiday! it looked fun i got all the pictures! let me tell you though , you missed out here more then i missed out there!  

Oh yeah mom I did get this weeks email from you! SORRY!!!!!!!! get a new email!

Anyway, this week was kinda fun but wierd! BUt fun! 

basically we service for the first half of the week! Just helping memebers with thier home teaching working at salvation arm! Simple Stuff like that right! 

We still tough gillian and charley! We though charley wasn't paying attention during the Plan Of Salvation lesson! Then the next time we saw hime we asked him if he remembered what we though last time! And he knew it all! My comp and I probably POOPPED our pants! actually we did! However gillian came to church but not her son! So we are going have to talk to him! IT will be a party for sure! 

Then we tought shawna and ever time we teach her she seems to be more and more interested! so that's good! we are going to start teaching her grandkids however! 

that is all who we tought this week! The chirstmas season is tough! Everyone is to focus on the worldly stuff and not the spiritual stuff! So we have Dave who is working his butt off to have a good christmas with his family! then also thomas who is going out clubbing every night! IT's so hard to tell them that, that stuff is not fun! that is is stuff out there that lastes longer! then that! 

So we are just going to have to Sit them down and refocus them on the gosple! So we'll see how that goes! 

anyway to the fun part of the week! We were out tracting and we came went to go find someone but we got lost! so we knocked on a door and just did a normal door talk! what erever you want to call it! then he turned out to be SOOOOOO prepared! like honesty he was so lost and wondered why there were so many churches and only on god! He was so opened to us comming back and tach his family! and he is very smart so and pretty clever! I'm excited to teach him!

The the UK missions and Testing out this new project called the AUF (address unknown files) to find "lost sheep"!  And we were doing them and found the most solid lest active! She'll let us come back on friday! Party! 

so the is my week and did have a thanks giving feast! MERICA!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, November 24, 2014

The devils and the pigs!

Okay so I don't have much time on my hands so i'll tell you about our investigators and what the focus is on this week! 

Gillian and Charley... we got both of them with a date and they are doing fantastic! they just need to come to church then they can be baptise! they only been once and they on stayed one hour! so my comp said that is they so two  more times they can be baptised! I told him no, we got to have them come out a bit more then that! We don't want them to be baptised then never come to church! he disagrees with me, but we are still working it out! Oh the funs of being in a companionship! 

Thomas, Still clean from drugs and we are now working for him to get off the cigs! so he said he'll switcht o the E-cigs for a bit! then slowly get off that! Great guy, Still on course of being baptise! 

Dave! he is a work in progress! he is work 7 days a week to get his kids something nice for christmas so he is litterally drained! So we have to work with him one thing at a time! right now we are going to try to get him married!  that will be on christmas eve! FUN FUN FUN! :) the we have to get him off the drugs!

Shawna! Didn't see her this week, My bad! 

Marcin, 1st time seeing him in a long time (the whole time i've been here, my bad agian) and he is just more interested in why mormons do what they do! However he looked into so anti-mormon stuff so he thinks since we beleive in the mormon religion that we don't look at that anti-mormon stuff as bad! we can look at it as bad  but we jsut kow that the book is true! we try to explain that to him and he is just not understanding it!

so my gaol for this week is to see all our investigators twice this week so that way we know who were are working with and who we aren't! 

Now my from my person studies I read where where Jusus cased out a bunch of evil spirits into some pigs then the pigs went crazy and ran into the sea and drowned! I just thougt that was FUNNY! but it show us that no unclean thing can even be close to godly things!!

well I love you all I hope all is well and no one got sick! I hate being sick! Good thing I'm not sick, touch wood! 


Elder Smith! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

So and So...

Okay, so I'm going to start off with all the poeple we are working with! 

Shanwa... She is about a 60 year old lady and she lost both of her kids and she is taking care of her grand kids! So you can kind of see why she needs the Gosple! However, when we taught her the plan of salvation she didn't have any questions! Then at the end of the P.O.S. lesson she said somethig along the lines of, "I believe that there is some type of after life! I don't know what!" So next time we are going to have to reveiw it with her! she what her thoughts are! 

Dave... He is quite the character! He served in the Royal Army! He's seen a lot of death and He believes that this life is his and he only gets one! However, He has a strong testimony in the Book of Mormon! Before I got there and he was contacted by the Elders and he was given a B.O.M.! HE read it and LOVED it! He loved how it got ride all his worries and how he recieved directions from it! He shares his testimony to his co-workers and he's awesome! But back to the only one life thing! He feels like he can do whatever he wants because of that! So we are going to remind him of the Plan a Salvation! P.S. he wants to be baptized He just has to get married first!

Thomas... He a a recovering Drug Addict! A few years ago he got stabbed in the head with scissors so he is kind of a slow thinker! still a really go guy! He thinks that us missionaries are prefect! We are far from prefect! He has  date for the 4th of Janaury! So we need to get him off the Cigs and he'll get good! 

Gillian... She is the BOMB! She is a single mom and has a Nine year Son! She wants the best for her son that is why she is so interested in our church! She Does have a date... it's on December the 6th! Whoo hoo! BUt we are trying to work really hard on her son Charlie! He'll be touched by the spirit! I now he will! 

So those are the Main poeple we are working with! And I would Ask if you guys could Pray for them! I do have a strong testimony on prayer! Being on my mission it has opened my eyes to A LOT of the Gosple! prayer is an important part of the plan of salvation! Without it the plan would work! 

So when we pray, we really should give out our heart to our Heavenly Father! The More you let Him know the more he will tell us! How great is that blessing!

So let's all pray! 

Besides that I've been studying out of the New Testiment and I LOVE IT! I study the BEATITUDES! what is so great about those is that they are they way to be Prefect! At the end of the chapter Christ tells us to be "...perfecteven as [our] Father which is in heaveis perfect." And chirst has perpared a way for us to fulfil that comandment!

Well I love you all and I sure am missing you as christmas is drawing near! but it's okay, I will celebrate christmas with my companion! 


-Elder Smith

Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Morning...

Good Morning Everyone! 

It is a nice day here in Airdrie! The Sun was shining for a bit so I can't complain! But now it's Dark! So yeah! I love it! 

I'll Tell you about my week! 

Monday until Wednessday I was saying goodbye to some the members in Omagh and I was also packing! I Did enjoy Omagh the member there treated me REALLY well! Maybe even TOO well! yeah were Awesome! 

Then on thursday I travel from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night! From Omagh to Airdrie! That was fun. One of the members in Omahg gave a a balloon and I tied it to my backpakc and then I walked EVERYWHERE with it! I got some good looks! it made traveling a Blast! 

Then I got to Airdie! Met my Companion Elder Glasgow! He just got done beign trained and he is a BOSS! HIm and his trainer started from 0 investigator the jumped the having 3 witha date! crazy right so he's knows what he's doing! However, we are still settling in this new companionship, and he's getting use to leading out the aera so we basically have been tracting the past couple day! So i'm going to tell you about the area and then tell you about this guy we talked to that really interesting!

So we have a ward and it's pretty strong ward! The members and great like always and the aren't afriad to talk to poeple abouth their beliefes! There is this one guy that baptised 15 poeple! how great of a blessing is that! anyways just this town respects us! they see us about but they are willing to talk to us about there beliefe in christ! It's Crazy! 

The crabby library lady needs me to get off so i'll finish up really quick!

This guy that we met thought our church was crazy to let some criminals into our church! I asked if he read from the bible and he said yeah! It's just intereting how even though read from the bible, they get nothing out of it! 

So make sure to read AND PONDER! 


-Elder Smith

Monday, November 3, 2014

Moves call came in...

I got moves call, and I'm not going to tell you where I'm going until the end of the email! :) Only because I love you! 

Anyways this week was another week in Omagh, let me tell you all about it!

Tuesday we had district meeting. I still love elder Yates! He is FUNNY! anyways, He instructed on the importance of companionship unity and unity with the Savior! I loved it like always! So i decided to start my studies in the new testament! How can you build unity with someone you don't know! so that will be fun! 

Then Wednesday we try to find someone... enough said...

On Thursday, we had the great Omagh Bake Off! It was our Branch Activity! That was pretty fun people sang Karaoke and we just ate sweets! I got fat like always! My comp is from New Zealand so he's a Kiwi! He knows how to do the Hakka that was very intimidating! A member also served his mission in New Zealand so he joined Elder Smiler! That was a pretty fun party! I even sang!

The on Friday was Halloween, it's a big deal over here! Kids get off school of it. there is a Halloween firework show. It's big yo! but our recent convert and her Niece and all their kids knock on our door! I gave them all the lollies I got in my package from my mom! But before the knocked my companion scared the pooh out of them! it was funny! 

Then on sature day we tried to find someone once again!  

Now finally Sunday! It was moves calls I got reassigns over in Scotland! I'll be a Glasgow, Once again! 

I flippin Love the BIG CITIES! 

Sorry, about the boring update. It's been a boring week! 

I love you all and keep on choosing the right! If you aren't then that's okay, just repent! 


Elder Smith

Monday, October 27, 2014

God does Love Us!

God does love us, and I would like to talk a bit about Danny!

For all y'all who are in the dark and don't know Danny! He was a good friend of my family who passed away this week! 

After hearing about that I was shocked but I opened the True to the Faith and read a bit about the spirit world. It brought so much peace to my heart. To know that God does love us and he made the plan of happiness to show his love! 

In  Alma 40: 11, Alma talks about how when spirits die they "...are taken home to that God who gave them life." How great of a bless is that Danny to be with our Father in Heaven! 

Then we know that God will send him to the spirit world. There he can either be place in spirit prison. Even though it doesn't sound like a great place it still is better then we think! The souls that go there are those who “died in their sins, without knowledge of the truth, oin transgression, having rejected the prophets” 
(D&C 138:32) There they will be able to be taught the gospel and have the opportunity to repent and accept ordinances of salvation that are performed for them in temples! That means that everyone who goes there has a fantastic opportunity! 

Then they will join the spirits to who are in spirit paradise! I love that place! It is a place of peace and happiness! So all we can do is pray that Danny makes it to the spirit paradise! 

And I pretty sure that it you need to tell Danny anything, tell God, I am pretty sure he will deliver the message for you! 

Any who, time for my weekly update! 

So on Tuesday we had District meeting and Elder Yates Talked about working with members! It's so tough here! But if it's God's will then His will must be done! 
I really Enjoyed that!

Then we tried to find some people! 

Then on Saturday we blitz Omagh! A blitz is where multiple sets of missionaries are in the same area! So we had the Derry elders Down here and the Letterkenny sisters! They helped us find some people! Which they did! Thank you sisters! That was fun! 

I spent the whole day with elder Reeder! He's from South Africa and so funny! 

But I'm Sorry for the short Email! Not really Much has gone on! 

But I do love you all and I love hearing from you! I do love my heavenly father and I do know that he loves me! 

Talk to you next week! 


Elder Smith! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

I love Everyone!

Well first thing first, Mom I love you! I hope your Foot is doing well! 

now back to my letter! So me biked to Derry last Monday! That was a horrible idea! It was great memories, just dumb! It was just under 40 miles! we thought it was going to take us like 3.5 hours, because that is what Google maps said but... nah ... it took took us 6 hours! I though we were never going to get there! 

I did feel what enduring to the end feels like! It sucks! it's the very end however it's is awesome! It was a great learning experience! 

then it turned out that we didn't have district meet on Tuesday but we we went on exchanges!  It was a great time! he is a fantastic missionary! but apparently we did something that broke the law! We didn't even find out about it until like Sunday

What we did was we took the table from the the Derry Chapel and made a small stand right outside that church! we found one less active from it! so it work! however this sunday  elder Yates ward mission leader came up to him and told him that if the police would have drove by we would have had gone to jail! hahaha that would be probably the best opportunity to preach the gospel! :) so i would have been okay with it! Obviously god was on our side because no police drove by! 

We exchange back..
then we continued through out the week to find someone! however on sunday was there was a really cool experience!

We have this resent convert who feels like the gospel is controlling her a bit because she is saying that she is 36 and has a kid so, she makes it sounds like she's more mature then the gospel in some parts of it! 

So she basically dumped this boy that was wanting to take her to Paris! So then saturday night she went out with some friends and she said that she got home at 4:50 am! I really didn't care because she is 36! but then we went threw all of church and started eating dinners at Tom's house! Then her son asked her "what time did you go to bed mom?" she replied, "6:30 am" then it clicked in my head! I said, "wait... what did you do for that hour and a half when you were home?" 

She got really embarrassed and she said, "well, Nick came over!" I almost lost it! however, i kept calm! kinda! I kept probing around to see like what happened and everything! then she got really upset when i went to far! like a usually do! but we said our sorries and now we are cool! 

it's weird because ever since elder smiler has been here she has slowly been going down hill! I wouldn't want to say that he is the cause of it! but I have a strong feeling he doesn't have the best influence on her!

He is just doesn't have a serious attitude when he here's what Rachel has been doing! 

But i talked to MTC companion about it and he helped me out! I love him! Elder Neideck will always have a  place in my heart!

Well that is my update! I love you all. Keep the spirits with in thee! AKA be worthy to hold the holy ghost! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Mother DEAR!


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

To start off I'm going to Answer my dad's question! NO dad I didn't get Mom's Email This week or the past few weeks! I Email my president to see what i should do! It's annoying because now i don't know who has been emailing me and who hasn't! Oh well life will go on! 

Any whom! My weekly update so we'll start on Tuesday, Right?

We had zone development and that was a blast! I basically talked with Elder Farnsworth the whole time! I LOVE that kid! He is about to go home! it's sad! He is so funny! I will miss him!

We tried to find someone on Wednesday Thursday Friday

On Saturday sister wager came into town and she is still crazy! Nice but crazy! we passed plat inspections and everything! we didn't even clean the shower and she didn't even notice! sneaky sneaky! 

we also taught a less active name Ian this week! It's funny because around the mission there is a rumor that every less active has some type of dolphin in their house! the dolphin could be a painting, shower curtains, or or even a wee statue! so this visit was the visit that I was going to find the dolphin, Because missionaries in the past have said they found it and got rid of it and the less active started to come to church and everything! ( dolphins are of the devil ) she I asked him if I could use the toilet and the I FOUND IT! Sitting on the toilet mocking me! I really didn't have to go to the bathroom I just want to find the Dolphin! So, I flush the toilet and grab the dolphin! I walk into the room and asked Ian where got it! He told us that one of the members gave it to him! So we finish our lesson and then before we were about to leave I asked him if I could buy off the dolphin from him... He said no....... Because it was part of a set! So if I ever see him again I'm going to ask if i could buy the whole set! :)

However we did go over to this part member family and she is less active and he is a christian. He think church is controlling! He's kind of a lost soul and but has a REALLY strong belief in Jesus Christ! However it's funny since he think church is so controlling he started his own church! CRAZY RIGHT! Poor guy, One day I am going to lay down the law with him! Probably when I get moved Or something! 

However that was our adventures for the week! I love you! Let me know if you guys been emailing me! Because I haven't been getting some of your Emails and then I hear that you have been Emailing me Weekly! 

Well Love!

Elder Smith!

P.S. we and my companion are going to ride our bike form omagh to derry! Its about 40 miles I can't wait! LOVES!

P.S.S. Happy Birthday Mom! Love You!

Monday, October 6, 2014

He sent a blank one first :)

Sorry I keep send a blank one for some reason! I guess I am to excited to email all yall!!

This week was pretty normal! 

Tuesday we had district meeting! That was pretty Great! The instruction was on trust in the lord! If you would put all your trust into one person, might as well make it the lord!

Then we retrieved my bike back from the bike shop and then the derry elders came to Omagh to help us find someone!

So I went with Elder Yates! he is such a goob! I love that kid so much! It's always a great time! While we were blitzing Omagh we talked to our recent convert, Rachel the one i told you about going to Paris with you boyfriend, however she was finally convinced that she shouldn't go! and we didn't even do the convincing! I just asked her what is the Holy Ghost telling you!  Then it all seemed to Click! 

Isn't God Great! He's the Man! 

Then Thursday Friday we tried to find people but nothing this week! Then Saturday Evening we watched GENERAL CONFERENCE! I Flippin Loved it! Honestly, the speakers were totally inspired! I feel like they were speaking to me like on a one on one bases! It's just awesome! I didn't get the chance to watch the Sunday afternoon session! I'll just have to download it and watch in on our DVD player! PARTY! 

Anyways, After watch general Conference I felt the spirit testify to me multiple times that Thomas S. Monson it a prophet of god, AND that is church is the church of Jesus Christ! AND it is the church to be in! that's the truth right there! 

Anyways, I love you all! I can't wait to hear form you next week! Farewell love ones!


Monday, September 29, 2014

oh I don't know

Anyways... this week is was alright and could have been better but what can you do about it! 

Anywhom, it was move call last week, I forgot to tell you that I'm staying in Omagh! It's tough here so I am grateful the opportunity to serve here! Omagh is a very small town and 70% of it is Catholic! And they don't really go to church or anything! They won't even give Us one minute on the door step! And missionaries have been here since the dinosaur... well about then! So then have knocked ever door frontwards and backwards... Multiply times! So it makes sense why they are who they are!

However this week I did hit rock bottom but I found my way out of it, and I'll tell you A little bit about that later on in my email! 

So as yo know me and my comp started off the week SICK! that sucked! We didn't get any work done Monday or Tuesday! However since it was moves week Wednesday was our Pday so one of the members here drove us to giants causeway!!!! That was way fun! I'll send you all a pictures!

That was fun! We climbed up a cliff.... kinda of... It sounds a lot worst then it really was! 

anyways, then the rest of the week was us doing missionary stuff! however our main focus is on our resent convert... Rachel! She is kinda going threw a rough patch and last Tuesday she texted us saying how she gave into temptation and drank coffee and tea! She learned her lesson there, because she woke up the next day she had a massive headache!

However that is not the problem! She has a boyfriend that is not a member and he invited her to go to Paris with him! AND SHE AGREED!!!! yeah basically she is asking for trouble there!!! Me and my companion literally taught her the law of chastity lesson and obedience you could possibly think of! I hope it gets to her head! 

so yeah that is her! then also me and my comp have no clue what to do with this area! we were literally lost in our minds! so we hit rock bottom and sat there thinking of what we could do!  then at church it came to me! 

It was Branch Conference and the stake presidency was here and Talked about the perspective Elders! That is how I feel Omagh needs to grow! So that is what I am just going to focus on the rest of the move! I have hope that it will work! 

I am however Felling a lot better  So no need to worry about me! 

I know NOW that savior has my back 24/7 and I know he won't ever leave me hanging! last of all, I love him so I want to give my all to him!

I love you all and I hope that you all will keep on keeping on! YEAH? 

remember y'all are are children of god so make your father proud this week! that is what my goal is!