Monday, December 8, 2014

They really don't know!

It's snowed here yesterday! It wasn't really snow it was more like falling slush! good thing I was inside most of the day! 

I'll tell you about our investigators That we saw this week! 

Gillian and Charley! 
They are so excited to be baptised! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and the law of thithing this week and gillian kinda of had a probablem with the law of thithing but she basically said that she has to trust what we are telling her! Nest lesson However I am going to Kinda go over it and tell her to pray about it! and give a lesson about the spirit!

He was really hard to get a hlod of this week and finally on saturday we saw him at his house and he said that he had friends in and then promised us that he would come to church! I texted him the next morning and he said he just woke up and was really tired! I kept encouraging him and he finally came and REALLY enjoyed it! Then he told him the thing that really got him was when he texted me he'll try to come to church I replied back saying, "The great Yoda once said, do or do not there is no try!" He said that really lifted his spirits! Thomas Is great!

That really who We saw this week! So I tell you about all the cool stuff and try to spiritually up lift you because that is my job! 

So on friday we had teh oppertunity to go to the christmas missionary chior! That was so good! IT's amazing how many different ways we can feel the spirit! I Flippin Love it! 

Today in my personal studies I read something very cool! 

Matthew 18:20
 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

When I read this I though how great of a blessings that is for us missionaries! That is a promise saying that if we doing everything in His name then He wil carry us forth in the work! And I know that to be true!

My companion is a bit crazy and want to carry around a sack lunch so we can only take 15 minutes for lunch instead of an hour and I told him that is would be a bad idea but we can fast instead then he said that we can do both! So I told him We'll try it out! saturday was a very hard day! but I know that the only way that I made it through without freaking out at my companion was because Christ was with us! So I made it threw! 

I just love the scriptures!

well that is my weekly update at least the fun stuff!

but take care everyone! And I love you all!

Elder Smith is out! 

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