Monday, November 24, 2014

The devils and the pigs!

Okay so I don't have much time on my hands so i'll tell you about our investigators and what the focus is on this week! 

Gillian and Charley... we got both of them with a date and they are doing fantastic! they just need to come to church then they can be baptise! they only been once and they on stayed one hour! so my comp said that is they so two  more times they can be baptised! I told him no, we got to have them come out a bit more then that! We don't want them to be baptised then never come to church! he disagrees with me, but we are still working it out! Oh the funs of being in a companionship! 

Thomas, Still clean from drugs and we are now working for him to get off the cigs! so he said he'll switcht o the E-cigs for a bit! then slowly get off that! Great guy, Still on course of being baptise! 

Dave! he is a work in progress! he is work 7 days a week to get his kids something nice for christmas so he is litterally drained! So we have to work with him one thing at a time! right now we are going to try to get him married!  that will be on christmas eve! FUN FUN FUN! :) the we have to get him off the drugs!

Shawna! Didn't see her this week, My bad! 

Marcin, 1st time seeing him in a long time (the whole time i've been here, my bad agian) and he is just more interested in why mormons do what they do! However he looked into so anti-mormon stuff so he thinks since we beleive in the mormon religion that we don't look at that anti-mormon stuff as bad! we can look at it as bad  but we jsut kow that the book is true! we try to explain that to him and he is just not understanding it!

so my gaol for this week is to see all our investigators twice this week so that way we know who were are working with and who we aren't! 

Now my from my person studies I read where where Jusus cased out a bunch of evil spirits into some pigs then the pigs went crazy and ran into the sea and drowned! I just thougt that was FUNNY! but it show us that no unclean thing can even be close to godly things!!

well I love you all I hope all is well and no one got sick! I hate being sick! Good thing I'm not sick, touch wood! 


Elder Smith! 

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