Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas time is here no one wants to talk but the Lord prepares away so how! 

I'll tell you about our investigators! 

Gillian and Charley! 
Still on track to be baptised on the 27th (My birthday!) WOOO WHOO! They are progress along quite well! They missed churchthis Sunday because Charley had a pee infection! What can you do about it! so he's doing good! But we'll see them tomorrow! So no worries! 

Been looking up at anti-mormon stuff! Started doubting the Joseph Smith as a Prophet! (I hate anti-mormon stuff) If the Book is true then what more do you need! as my friend Jonathan Robert Meenan from pollok said "The church is true! The book is blue! The cows go moo!" What more do you need? I love that kid! However he still know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God! So I can't Complain! All I'm hear is to help him understand the truth!

He's our new investigator! Sadly he's busy untill the new year and we can't see him until after that! Cool thing about him is that I fasted for him and God answered my Fast! That was a Cool experiance! BUt with Barry! He fell off a latter and broke his back! After recovering, he can still walk! But It looks a bit different! However, all he wants the learn more is about god!  When we were teaching him the restoration! he said to us in the middle of the lesson, "wait, this seems a LOT more then what I though it would be!" LEt me tell you! It is A lot more then what we think it is! then he asked us if we think we will ever comprehend it all! I feel like I never will! But it's good thing he is telling us this thing that means he is actually listening! 

Besides that, We did a lot of tracting this week! And I am getting a new Companion! His name is elder Harman! PARTY! I don't know the kid though! 

My doctrinal insight for the day! is this...
Faith is knowlegde, So read your scriptures! 

Now my challenge for you all is to figure out HOW faith and works are connected!

I want to know your guys insights!

I love you all I'll hear from you next week!

Elder Smith! 

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