Thursday, February 27, 2014

From Elder Smith

Hey Ya'll

It's P-day today and I get to finally Email you.  Do you want to know how I got to England, it's pretty great!  So, I went to the Provo MTC and was there for about three hours.  I just got into my first class and this sister walked in (Sister Zollinger, she is important to the story) before she sat down, a lady from the Church Travel Office popped her head in and asked for Sister Zollinger.  I thought she was going to ask for me! then she did!!!!  She told us that we got our Visa's and were leaving to catch our flight in a hour! It was crazy! And that's the story!!!!
The England MTC is GREAT!!!! I love it here! There is only 30 missionaries here and it's a really small place! The food here is amazing!!! So amazing that I have already gained 7 pounds in one week!!!!  At this rate I'll gain 14 pounds!!!! One of the things I love the most is scones stuffed full of chocolate!!! So good!! The experience here is not what I expected. I thought they were going to force feed me doctrine and just doctrine, doctrine, doctrine!  It's nothing like that. They just teach us how to become a missionary and how to focus on the investigator. I finally understand why missionay work it so fun.
The president here is way cool, he is from Utah and I know that he has been called from God to serve here! We had an unexpected morning devotional, he told us he stayed up late in the night praying about us. He said when he was done praying he had this feeling that we (the 30 missionaries) were a special group and that we have so much potential. It was way cool!
I must get going, but I can't wait to hear from you. I love you so dearly. I miss you all and in closing I would like to say I know this gospel is true and I am so glad for my Savior Jesus Christ!
Love Elder Smith McKay Smith <>

okay so in my district from left to right there is a guy from england, from Taiwan, Utah, Germany, Idaho (me), Norway, Idaho, and Brazil!

This is my Companion from German and he is pretty funny! s he speaks really good english and sometime jokes arond with me and it's fine and everything. then when i joke around with him hhee  is just like "i don't understand you. you don't make any sense!''well that's because he choses not too understand me because he doesn't like my jokes, but oh well he's pretty funny!!