Monday, June 29, 2015

Learning New Stuff

Hello Every I figured out I need to do some housekeeping items! First Happy Fathers day DAD! second Happy Birthday HARRISON!!!

So I will tell you about my week day for day! 

Tuesday- we had district Meeting and I instructed on being a leader and how everyone should be a leader! then we went and did street contacting! My companion read this book on exchanges with the zone leaders and it talked about skills and how skills and faith work together! which is kinda cool! so we were focusing on our skills while we did street contacting! then we taught a Boyfriend and Girlfriend who is less active! they plan on getting married and his family wants him to serve a mission! but we had a good chat with them! We are going to see if we could get him out with us tomorrow! Then we taught Gerard! We invited Gerard to church and He agreed he would make it! 

Wednesday- We did street contacting and tracting all day! and we were super close to get a new investigator! like so close! but she told us the book of Mormon was to "deep" for her, and by that she means hard to understand the language! haha oh well!

Thursday- we did planning and a member came up from Omagh, my old area, and fed us lunch! Tom is great! then we just finished off with meeting with brother Holmes, our ward mission leaders! 

Then Friday was a very busy day- We had a less active less with Paul and finally got him a lift sorted! then we had Sam and Audrey then old members of the ward! then we had a then we did finding for a bit then we had dinner at a members house! then we had Had Raymond and Siobhan. and Siobhan is finally reading the Book of Mormon! FINALLY! and she is taking it seriously! 

Then Saturday- Then we met with with Gerard and we check to still see if he was planning to come to church, he told us he still was! then we did some finding! for the rest of the day! 

Then Sunday, we had paul at church, and another Less active, but sadly no Gerard! Then we went to a members and did some finding and called it a day! 

This week I had prayers answered left and right, also I felt like we are so close to figuring out how to find someone to teach! and so close in getting someone to the church! just so close to everything!

This next week is a very busy week and we are getting a new mission president! so I will let you know how that goes next week! 

Well  i love you all! And take it easy!

-Elder Smith 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey ya!!!

Hello Everyone!

So week was an okay week! It was a week of learning for sure! 

so the computers we are using keep logging us out so this is going to be a short one sorry about that!

So we went over to a members house a week ago on Sunday! and it was just a normal member appointment!! Then all of a sudden, when we met up with our ward mission leader he told us that one of the family members from that appointment complained to the bishop that we gave the worst spiritual thought in the world! only because there was a none member there and they wanted us to teach him! 

Well how are we suppose to know that if they don't tell us! like, one time when we were at the same members home the mom told us one of her friends was coming over and she wanted us to teach the plan of salvation! but this time we didn't hear anything so we were there for the bishop and the help strengthen the family! people just need to talk to us! 

Then I finally figured out what the ward thinks of missionaries! they think we all are the same! They had one bad experience with a couple of missionaries so they think we all are the same! 

I am ELDER SMITH i have different talents and I see stuff different then everyone else! I just want them to work with me! it's rather frustrating! But we have a really good ward mission leader and I will chat with him! 

I am learning the importance of communication here! 

Then I am also learn the importance of have skills and how skills are a form of work with our faith! I kept telling my companion the obedience isn't everything, But we still need to be obedient! But it we don't know how to teach or if we don't have any teaching skills then your obedience is wasted! so then week I have been focusing on my finding skills and I finally learned how to make instant friends.

It kind of cool!

Well sorry for the short letter! I got to get going!

i love you all and have a fantastic week!

-Elder Smith

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Days!

Hello y'all,

I would like to start off tell my mom thanks for my package! I did get you and there is so much great stuff in there! also I would like to thank Paul for the awesome shirt, all the missionaries want one! 

but this week has been all right! we did go down to Dublin to say goodbye to president Brown! He leaves on the first of July! but guess what!!!! We are getting Ipads soon! well by soon I mean like up to 6 months! So I could still be out! The only thing stopping us is the Data Protection Laws in our mission so hopefully they can sort it all out! 

Also down in Dublin the two Senior Couples gave instruction to us! Elder and Sister Lorimer gave really good instruction on Family History! then Elder and Sister Hales gave instruction on dealing with Tuff Stuff (or stress management) then the Assistants to the President gave instruction on the law of the fast! then to end it President and sister Brown instructed on Recognizing the Spirit! I really enjoyed all of it! 

Then on Friday I went to Omagh and that was fun to see some old friends down there! it was truly a Party! then is was great to help elder Livingston grow as a missionary!

Then we came back on Saturday, then on Sunday we heard a bit of the dirt on what Elder Holland had to say! The cool thing he said was that sometime n the near future people in Europe will be flocking to the church! I thought that was cool! But that it was an alright week I enjoyed it!!

so that is my updated I love you all and keep the faith 

-Elder Smith

Monday, June 8, 2015

Life as Usual

Hello Family and Friends, 

So the big question is When do I get a new mission president! So he arrives on the 1st of July and we meet him the 3rd of July! said and done!

It will be fun to see how he is and everything! 

So we had Elder Holland in Scotland this week! I decided that the Lord put the BEST missionaries in Ireland so they didn't need to hear what Holland had to say because they already knew! ;) nah I'm just kidding! but I could be true! But it sounds like something big is coming to Northern Europe in the next 5 years or so! Something to do with Joel 2! We haven't had much information about it yet but we should get more by next week. CRAZYYYY. 

Then we had a Europe area  Stake Conference. that was cool! And Holland spoke there! He talked for 50 minutes or so! He Talked about how hard it would be to write the Book of Mormon and basically told everyone that it was impossible to write it that is why it is from God! Of course he went into much more details and anyone who was heard it who was not a member probably is going to get baptized... well that was how good it was! 

Then we had hard time seeing Gerard this week. we wasn't in during his appointment this week and he went by threw out the week and still wasn't in! we went in and last night we went by to see if he was in and he was, luckily, and we had a wee lesson with him and so it was good to see him again. And good thing he has been reading and praying.

One thing the Zone leaders have been focusing on this moves is finding solid people to bring to church! and to be honest it kinda suck! they make you feel like, even though you are teaching people, if they don't come to church then you should be teaching them! Which that is not how I roll! I qualify the people I find, not find the qualifies people! The Lord has trust me with a child of His! I am going to do all I can to save their souls. now of course if they aren't reading and praying or even trying to find out if it is true or not then we should see them! But I have the same attitude as Jesus does, "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

So yeah that is my little rant for today! but no Life is good! If it wasn't for the Gospel I would be hating life. But no I know the church is true and I am doing my best and God can't complain with that! I'm still learning and growing. that is what it is all about! 

So yeah, my companion is slacking though. he need more responsibility. We will see how this week goes! :)

Well I love you all and remember to hold to the Iron Rod!

-Elder Smith 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello Hello Hello

Hello Everyone! 

Life is well over here in Derry and I whether out is a bit raining but you can't rain on my party! so I will tell you the updates on this week! 

So we taught Gerard this week and his desires is to find out if Joseph smith was a true prophet. so that is good! We have him on a date for the 25th of July. Hopefully he get's his answer by then! then we have just been doing a lot of finding! We have been stopping by people who has investigated to church before then stop investigating for number of reasons that seem promising! then we are also going to work with the Part member Less actives family to get them back to church and into the church! so that should be fun!

that is really my update for this week! 

But the plan for the week ahead is pretty nice. Sadly I won't get to here Jeffery R Holland talk because I'm in Ireland! :( it's rather upsetting but the church is still true! 

Then in 1 month we will be getting a new mission president! He's from Wales and I don't know much else about him! 

The focus around the mission seem to be Obedience! like it seems to be so much the focus the every is distracted from the skills we need to learn to help people come unto Christ, Such as teaching, working with member to help them in lessons, and fallowing the Spirit! and yes you need to be obedient, but if you don't know how to teach some one what good will that do! It's makes me think of the Savior.He was Perfect in any way possible! He wasn't perfect in one thing though, just a perfect balance in every thing! and when Christ said "be ye perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect." He meant it! That is our potential. Here is an analogy I heard base off the scripture! Think about high school, a Senior gets straight A's and a freshman gets straight A's. which one is perfect! they both are! One just has more Intelligence then the other! that is like us the word perfect means complete. we need to be complete like Jesus is complete.

Well that is me I love you all! 

Take it easy! 

-Elder Smith