Monday, November 3, 2014

Moves call came in...

I got moves call, and I'm not going to tell you where I'm going until the end of the email! :) Only because I love you! 

Anyways this week was another week in Omagh, let me tell you all about it!

Tuesday we had district meeting. I still love elder Yates! He is FUNNY! anyways, He instructed on the importance of companionship unity and unity with the Savior! I loved it like always! So i decided to start my studies in the new testament! How can you build unity with someone you don't know! so that will be fun! 

Then Wednesday we try to find someone... enough said...

On Thursday, we had the great Omagh Bake Off! It was our Branch Activity! That was pretty fun people sang Karaoke and we just ate sweets! I got fat like always! My comp is from New Zealand so he's a Kiwi! He knows how to do the Hakka that was very intimidating! A member also served his mission in New Zealand so he joined Elder Smiler! That was a pretty fun party! I even sang!

The on Friday was Halloween, it's a big deal over here! Kids get off school of it. there is a Halloween firework show. It's big yo! but our recent convert and her Niece and all their kids knock on our door! I gave them all the lollies I got in my package from my mom! But before the knocked my companion scared the pooh out of them! it was funny! 

Then on sature day we tried to find someone once again!  

Now finally Sunday! It was moves calls I got reassigns over in Scotland! I'll be a Glasgow, Once again! 

I flippin Love the BIG CITIES! 

Sorry, about the boring update. It's been a boring week! 

I love you all and keep on choosing the right! If you aren't then that's okay, just repent! 


Elder Smith

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