Monday, October 6, 2014

He sent a blank one first :)

Sorry I keep send a blank one for some reason! I guess I am to excited to email all yall!!

This week was pretty normal! 

Tuesday we had district meeting! That was pretty Great! The instruction was on trust in the lord! If you would put all your trust into one person, might as well make it the lord!

Then we retrieved my bike back from the bike shop and then the derry elders came to Omagh to help us find someone!

So I went with Elder Yates! he is such a goob! I love that kid so much! It's always a great time! While we were blitzing Omagh we talked to our recent convert, Rachel the one i told you about going to Paris with you boyfriend, however she was finally convinced that she shouldn't go! and we didn't even do the convincing! I just asked her what is the Holy Ghost telling you!  Then it all seemed to Click! 

Isn't God Great! He's the Man! 

Then Thursday Friday we tried to find people but nothing this week! Then Saturday Evening we watched GENERAL CONFERENCE! I Flippin Loved it! Honestly, the speakers were totally inspired! I feel like they were speaking to me like on a one on one bases! It's just awesome! I didn't get the chance to watch the Sunday afternoon session! I'll just have to download it and watch in on our DVD player! PARTY! 

Anyways, After watch general Conference I felt the spirit testify to me multiple times that Thomas S. Monson it a prophet of god, AND that is church is the church of Jesus Christ! AND it is the church to be in! that's the truth right there! 

Anyways, I love you all! I can't wait to hear form you next week! Farewell love ones!


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