Monday, August 31, 2015

Minus one week!

So we had a conference this week and I heard something that I know Mom will really like! In December, it will only be a 5 week move so that means that I will be getting home on that 27th of January. So that means I have less then 5 months less to try to change that area I am in! :) LET'S GET HER DONE! 

But I will tell you a little bit about this week!

We had a meeting this week! It will alright! We mostly talked about the Holy Ghost, which I did enjoy that part, I didn't enjoy the part on how the presented it! they had 8 Zone leaders up instructing and they had no idea what they were doing and it was hard to keep focused! but All is good! I still took stuff out of it and that is all what matter! It is fun to learn about the Holy Ghost! He is that one that does all the converting! so We better be more familiar about Him! 

I also went on exchanges with Elder Hinckley, he is actually related to President Hinckley. We had a really fun time! we knock on this door and I wanted to spice things up a little bit so right when this lady answered we sang her Happy Birthday and this is how it went...

US: Happy birthday to you

HER: It's not my birthday?

US: oh, we got that wrong? Sorry about that, well could you help us out with this wee survey?

HER: I don't even live here

US: oh we got that wrong too!

It was a good time! You just had to be there !

But I decided that I suck at adjusting to a new area! I thought I was alright at it! but know I don't know what to do! Just do it! 

So all is well with me though! Life is good and I am having fun! 

Well until next time! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello every,

I am loving Dumbarton! It is a really nice This is going to be a great place to serve. It is a small community and thing work slower here. Which in return thing pick up for missionary work! I really do enjoy it! 

The ward is really great. I had to give a talk my Sunday here. I told everyone that I love animals and that if anyone had any sheep I would love to pet one! they started laughing. I don't know why I was very serious. then I told them that I was expecting to be fed when I go and visit them. they started laughing again. I was serious with that too. But I did clear it up and tell them I met spiritually fed! I really do enjoy this ward!

But the past few days have been quite the experience. I will tell you about our investigators.

So the first is Marie. She wants to be baptized but can't due to medical problems. She has two kids and is married. Her husband doesn't join in with us but I am going to change that! It will be fun!

Then there is Scott. He had and has a hard life. Dumbarton and a very poor area and so there are a lot of rough parts here. but Scott knows that church is true and a really great guy! He just doesn't think things fully threw before he acts. Which is understandable it is how he grew up! That is our job. We teach old dogs new tricks. We are very good at it!

But I really do like it here it's fun and my Companion is great! We work really well with each other! 

I am excited to see what this next 6 weeks have in store for me! 

I love you all and thanks you so much for the Emails!

Have a great week! 

-Elder Smith

P.S. I like pictures!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Moves Call

so yesterday was my moves call and guess what I am leaving back to Glasgow, Scotland for the 3rd time! I am absolutely hysterically about it all. I just must understand the people of Glasgow or something! 

But I will now talk about this week.

Here in Derry we found out how to have fun while finding. Just like Nike say... Just do it! Just have fun you see something fun go look at what it is! We have done some stuff this week that I don't have enough time to complete it all. So I will now tell about my experience I have had here in Derry.

So, everyone here has though have hated Derry which I don't. I really like it here! The people are great and I met a lot of great people over here! The only challenge I have had is my companion. I learned the power behind 2! when you share the responsibility in the area most people think 50% of the responsibility goes to the one companion then the other 50% go to the other! that is Completely wrong! because even though it adds up to 100% it's there is still 50% of having no responsibility from each companion! So there for that adds up to 100%! So the only solution is to teach my comp what he needs to do and tell him that is my expectations from him! I will find teach and Baptize this next 6 week! but is need all the help I can get! 

I love you all! 

have a good one!

-Elder Smith

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 76

I really don't know how many week I've been out I just put that as my guess!

Well every one All is well over here and we are working hard like usual.

We decided this week to go to a different town to different and it worked. We taught a mother and her son, who is in his 20s, a bit about the gospel. They said they would both read the Book of Mormon. Sadly, they didn't keep their return appointment. but it was kind of funny the mom she kept telling us that the son wouldn't be interested and that he doesn't care about religion. but he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. that was just the funny part about it all.

But then on Saturday there was the paradise going on that day for the Protestants. nothing to big unless you are a Protestant. The Catholics absolutely hate that day. but all the Protestants are celebrating is that siege of Derry.

Nothing big. Well I don't think. 

But besides that the church is true and I'am going to go read about the seerer stone.

Love you all,

Elder Smith

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello from Derry!

Hello everyone! 

So this week has been alright! 

So the Zone Leaders are being to much for a leaders and not enough Christlike! Which is a bit frustrating! They feel as the "moral" of the Zone is a bit down! So they decided to watch our every move! So now every missionary has to report their hours on Finding and teaching! It is like we are being babysat! They feel as though holding us more accountable will change the moral! some of my team feel as though their is lowering! 

but now speaking of accountability Preach my Gospel states, "If you are a mission leader... Show an interest in their lives (the missionaries) and in the lives of those they teach rather than simply in numbers."

All I have been hear lately from the Zone-leaders is numbers numbers numbers! I mean like come on we are teaching people not lessons! 

So my opinion about changing the "moral" is to fallow the council of President Boyd K. Packer, “True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.” The word "understand" is a wonderful word! If people understood God then there would be less crime in the world. If people understood the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ then there would be less persecution of our church! If missionaries understood how to find and how to teach then, only then, they would missionaries be working harder then they are now. 

If the Zone leaders want to focus on numbers and they want an increase of numbers then they should "Understand" how to do it! Preach my Gospel states, "You will do many things that are not described in the key indicators... These important activities contribute to one or more of the key indicators. For example... the quality of your personal and companion study will improve your ability to teach by the Spirit, which will bless your new and progressing investigators. The power of your finding and teaching will influence every key indicator."  It's simple, if the missionaries improve their SKILLS on really teaching, because that is what finding is, then every number will increase!

So that is my venting to you all! I hope you all learned something! 

This week however we did a lot of finding and we worked hard! So I can't complain! I love you all! Take it easy! 

-Elder Smith