Monday, March 24, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust!

So this week was alright!!!

On Tuesday we did exchanges.  My companion and I went to the bus stop and we saw this old man struggling to walk down the street!!! I asked if he needed help and then escorted him to his destination!!!  (His destination was the pub by the way!)  We chatted and he asked if I wanted to join him at the pub!  I cheerfully declined and told him how God gave me this body, I want to respect it and... I'm also to young to drink!!!  He stopped, looked at me and laughed!!!! then said "You can never be to young to drink!!!!!" we had a great laugh. I dropped him off at the pub and started think... I'm suppose to be bringing people closer to Christ not the Bar!!! I felt bad! 

Every Thursday we play football. I wanted to headbutt the ball but somehow my face got in the way!! that hurt!!!  I decided to just keep playing!! The next day one of the players said I have really improved my football skills since I first arrived!  He's promised to start teaching me the terminology now!!!  I'm SO Excited!!!!! #footballforlife

Saturday was the highlight of my week, we have an investigator named George.  I asked him to be baptized....he agreed and if everything all goes well then he'll be a member on the 26th of April!!!   

That’s all going on in my life.  I love hearing from you all!  Even if I don't reply back, I still read all your messages!!!  I love you all and stay clean!!

My shout out for the week goes to Madison!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!!! I miss you and sure do love you!!!!

Elder Smith 

Monday, March 17, 2014

From Elder Smith

Okay this week wasn't really that special. Honestly, nothing happened!  It seems like we can't find an investigator with any interest!  I did, however, go on exchanges this week--two of them!!

My first exchange was with Elder Winhausen!!  He's German but not German!! What I mean is he has no German accent and he sounds American!  Honestly, every one we talk to asks him what part of America he is from!!!  Second, he loves to drive around listening to the star spangle banner!!!  IN SCOTLAND!!!! With our windows rolled all the way down!!!! Two for AMERICA!!!! 

My second exchange was with Elder Farnsworth!! He is from Utah!! Exchanges where Friday and Saturday morning!  With him I experienced my first Friday night party in the mission field!  We finished working for the day and bought some sweets, went back to our flat and had movie night!!!  We watched the Prophet of the Restoration!!!!  We stayed up pretty late.... 10:30... Party!!!!  That was pretty fun!!!!

Two miracles happened this week!!!

First, we missed the bus on Sunday for church, so we started walking!!!! My shins started to hurt--I was like "I can't give up.... I can't be late! I need to push through it!!!" Then five minutes later a ward member pulled over and gave us a lift!!! This is proof the Lord always provides a way!!!  Well, as long as you are putting in 100%.

The second miracle!!!  I was on exchanges with Elder Farnsworth, we were going out for a dinner appointment!!!! An excommunicated member called and wanted us to go over there and see him!!!! We couldn't because of our dinner appointment!!!!  Just then Elder Farnsworth was like "oh a new voicemail!!" Our DA was cancelled!!!!  So, we stopped by this ex-member’s house, he was sad and by the time we left he felt a little better!!!  We needed to be there!!!! 

I love hearing from you guys!  I miss you!!! and can you believe it!!!! I'VE BEEN OUT FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!!! well on the twentieth of course!!!! crazy!!!!! Well I love you all and read your scriptures!!!!! 

Oh yeah, I'm going to do the weekly shout out!!!! 

So shout out to Carrie & Stefani!!!! I sure do miss someone yelling my name!!!!


Elder Smith 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello from Elder Smith

It’s a big change!

So, my P-day has officially changed to Mondays and will stay like that for the rest of my two years!!!  I'm finally out here serving in the field!  My area is the Pollok area and it's in Scotland.  The first day I got here it rained all day ALL DAY!!!!!  It's nothing like dry Idaho. They have green grass here at this time of the year!  If you guys think Idaho has a Bi-polar climate then you’ve never been to Scotland. I woke up one morning and it was sunny, then it was cloudy, then it was snowing, then sunny, then raining, then snowing again, then sunny and then I ate my lunch!!!! 

I play football here (soccer) and have no clue what I am doing. I probably look like a chicken dancing around the field!  However, I did get the last save of the game!  We still lost but as a missionary I can't be competitive.  The final score though was FUN to FUN!! 

I cannot understand people here, they talk really fast and use some funny words! like Chap which means to knock on a door, or even Rubbish meaning Trash!!!! Some how they all can tell I'm American by my accent! I NEVER HAD AN ACCENT BEFORE!!!!  I am proud to support America! AMERICA!!! 

To explain to you about the city I am in, I'm going to tell you a story!!! We were chapping on the flats (apartments) and we came to this door and there was this brown smear on the door... It was POOH!!!! That basically sums up the whole entire city, Pooh on the street, pooh on the door, and pooh in the toilet! I sure do love it!!!!

Now my companion, He’s black and from London. He's been out for 22 months and he decided to extend his mission another transfer! He is pretty cool, but when he is in a hurry he can walk so fast! I can't keep up to him! 

I walk everywhere by the way. The 10 pounds I gained in the MTC, yeah all gone!!!! So upsetting I worked hard for that, oh well what can you do!!!

I love hearing from you guys and I miss you all so keep sending me emails. I read them all.

Elder Smith

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello From Elder Smith

Hey Y’all,

So, seriously in 1 hour I will be on a bus going to Scotland or Ireland!!! I am so stoked!  I don't have much time to email--about five minutes.  So I'll just have to sum up my ENGLAND MTC EXPERIENCE!!!!
My Compianion - He was a good MTC companion but he hated being here! He decided to live as a missionary seven weeks before he actually came on his mission--just so he wouldn't fall into temptation. So by the time he got here he wanted to go right out to the mission field.  So being here at the MTC, he was useless!!!!
THE FOOD- Amazing!!!!!!!!! (Enough said!)
The place- very well kept and looks brand new! better then Provo...
What I got out of it- much more then anyone will understand! After being here in just the MTC, I learned a lot and grew a stronger testimony.  We were sent here by God and that he is our loving Heavenly Father!  I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith restored the gospel and made it possible so families can be together forever!  

I love you all, but I must get going!!
Elder Smith is OUT!!!!
P.S. I love hearing from you guys keep up the good work!!!!!!