Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Morning...

Good Morning Everyone! 

It is a nice day here in Airdrie! The Sun was shining for a bit so I can't complain! But now it's Dark! So yeah! I love it! 

I'll Tell you about my week! 

Monday until Wednessday I was saying goodbye to some the members in Omagh and I was also packing! I Did enjoy Omagh the member there treated me REALLY well! Maybe even TOO well! yeah were Awesome! 

Then on thursday I travel from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night! From Omagh to Airdrie! That was fun. One of the members in Omahg gave a a balloon and I tied it to my backpakc and then I walked EVERYWHERE with it! I got some good looks! it made traveling a Blast! 

Then I got to Airdie! Met my Companion Elder Glasgow! He just got done beign trained and he is a BOSS! HIm and his trainer started from 0 investigator the jumped the having 3 witha date! crazy right so he's knows what he's doing! However, we are still settling in this new companionship, and he's getting use to leading out the aera so we basically have been tracting the past couple day! So i'm going to tell you about the area and then tell you about this guy we talked to that really interesting!

So we have a ward and it's pretty strong ward! The members and great like always and the aren't afriad to talk to poeple abouth their beliefes! There is this one guy that baptised 15 poeple! how great of a blessing is that! anyways just this town respects us! they see us about but they are willing to talk to us about there beliefe in christ! It's Crazy! 

The crabby library lady needs me to get off so i'll finish up really quick!

This guy that we met thought our church was crazy to let some criminals into our church! I asked if he read from the bible and he said yeah! It's just intereting how even though read from the bible, they get nothing out of it! 

So make sure to read AND PONDER! 


-Elder Smith

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