Monday, November 17, 2014

So and So...

Okay, so I'm going to start off with all the poeple we are working with! 

Shanwa... She is about a 60 year old lady and she lost both of her kids and she is taking care of her grand kids! So you can kind of see why she needs the Gosple! However, when we taught her the plan of salvation she didn't have any questions! Then at the end of the P.O.S. lesson she said somethig along the lines of, "I believe that there is some type of after life! I don't know what!" So next time we are going to have to reveiw it with her! she what her thoughts are! 

Dave... He is quite the character! He served in the Royal Army! He's seen a lot of death and He believes that this life is his and he only gets one! However, He has a strong testimony in the Book of Mormon! Before I got there and he was contacted by the Elders and he was given a B.O.M.! HE read it and LOVED it! He loved how it got ride all his worries and how he recieved directions from it! He shares his testimony to his co-workers and he's awesome! But back to the only one life thing! He feels like he can do whatever he wants because of that! So we are going to remind him of the Plan a Salvation! P.S. he wants to be baptized He just has to get married first!

Thomas... He a a recovering Drug Addict! A few years ago he got stabbed in the head with scissors so he is kind of a slow thinker! still a really go guy! He thinks that us missionaries are prefect! We are far from prefect! He has  date for the 4th of Janaury! So we need to get him off the Cigs and he'll get good! 

Gillian... She is the BOMB! She is a single mom and has a Nine year Son! She wants the best for her son that is why she is so interested in our church! She Does have a date... it's on December the 6th! Whoo hoo! BUt we are trying to work really hard on her son Charlie! He'll be touched by the spirit! I now he will! 

So those are the Main poeple we are working with! And I would Ask if you guys could Pray for them! I do have a strong testimony on prayer! Being on my mission it has opened my eyes to A LOT of the Gosple! prayer is an important part of the plan of salvation! Without it the plan would work! 

So when we pray, we really should give out our heart to our Heavenly Father! The More you let Him know the more he will tell us! How great is that blessing!

So let's all pray! 

Besides that I've been studying out of the New Testiment and I LOVE IT! I study the BEATITUDES! what is so great about those is that they are they way to be Prefect! At the end of the chapter Christ tells us to be "...perfecteven as [our] Father which is in heaveis perfect." And chirst has perpared a way for us to fulfil that comandment!

Well I love you all and I sure am missing you as christmas is drawing near! but it's okay, I will celebrate christmas with my companion! 


-Elder Smith

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