Monday, October 20, 2014

I love Everyone!

Well first thing first, Mom I love you! I hope your Foot is doing well! 

now back to my letter! So me biked to Derry last Monday! That was a horrible idea! It was great memories, just dumb! It was just under 40 miles! we thought it was going to take us like 3.5 hours, because that is what Google maps said but... nah ... it took took us 6 hours! I though we were never going to get there! 

I did feel what enduring to the end feels like! It sucks! it's the very end however it's is awesome! It was a great learning experience! 

then it turned out that we didn't have district meet on Tuesday but we we went on exchanges!  It was a great time! he is a fantastic missionary! but apparently we did something that broke the law! We didn't even find out about it until like Sunday

What we did was we took the table from the the Derry Chapel and made a small stand right outside that church! we found one less active from it! so it work! however this sunday  elder Yates ward mission leader came up to him and told him that if the police would have drove by we would have had gone to jail! hahaha that would be probably the best opportunity to preach the gospel! :) so i would have been okay with it! Obviously god was on our side because no police drove by! 

We exchange back..
then we continued through out the week to find someone! however on sunday was there was a really cool experience!

We have this resent convert who feels like the gospel is controlling her a bit because she is saying that she is 36 and has a kid so, she makes it sounds like she's more mature then the gospel in some parts of it! 

So she basically dumped this boy that was wanting to take her to Paris! So then saturday night she went out with some friends and she said that she got home at 4:50 am! I really didn't care because she is 36! but then we went threw all of church and started eating dinners at Tom's house! Then her son asked her "what time did you go to bed mom?" she replied, "6:30 am" then it clicked in my head! I said, "wait... what did you do for that hour and a half when you were home?" 

She got really embarrassed and she said, "well, Nick came over!" I almost lost it! however, i kept calm! kinda! I kept probing around to see like what happened and everything! then she got really upset when i went to far! like a usually do! but we said our sorries and now we are cool! 

it's weird because ever since elder smiler has been here she has slowly been going down hill! I wouldn't want to say that he is the cause of it! but I have a strong feeling he doesn't have the best influence on her!

He is just doesn't have a serious attitude when he here's what Rachel has been doing! 

But i talked to MTC companion about it and he helped me out! I love him! Elder Neideck will always have a  place in my heart!

Well that is my update! I love you all. Keep the spirits with in thee! AKA be worthy to hold the holy ghost! 

-Elder Smith

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