Monday, March 30, 2015

Each Step...

Hey Everyone, This week is a lot better!

So I'm Settled in Derry fine now and I finally got everything sorted out! I finally figured out who we are teaching and who we are! so we only have one investigator so far and his name is Jason. I will tell you about Jason...

So Jason is about in his late 30's and he said anyone who wants to talk about Jesus Christ I will let them in my home! So we started meet with him and he has told us that he is and alcoholic and that he has been look for help for some time now! We told him we will help him and that we'll set a date for him to be off the drink! so he said he'll stop drinking by today! so we will just be there to help him grow! and to pick him up when he is down! So I like Jason! he's a good guy! He's been trying to read the Book of Mormon but it's hard for him to understand since he is drunk all the time!


Now we will move one to recent converts!

Raymond & Shiobhon
Raymond (the husband) is doing great he goes to church and still knows it's true! Shiobhon (The Wife) told us she thinks the church isn't true! Only because she has a lot of unanswered question! sadly I didn't get the chance to meet with her! But this week I will meet with her and hopefully enlighten her mind! 

That is really all who we are teaching But I have been doing A LOT of studying and this week I has been Studying the Law of Consecration! That was so much fun to learn about! one of the purposes of the law is to humble the rich and exalt the poor! I love it! 

That is my update! 

I love you all and you guys have a great week! BYEEE!

-Elder Smith

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hello every one!

I made it threw another week in Derry!

I will tell you about Jason our only investigator

We taught him just about the Book of Mormon and the power of prayer! The lesson was all over the place! I wasn't really on my "A" games when I was there! Next time when we meet with him it will be better!

That is all the investigators we are teaching! 

No Recent Convert!

Raymond and Shiobhon
These guys are a loving couple! He has a really strong testimony of the church but her's kinda shaking! We taught Sunday school and we went into different groups to talk about the different scriptures and I was in her group! She kept pulling up anti-mormon stuff! So I told her to write down all her question and we will answer them on Friday when we meet with them! It's sad to see her struggle! 

Now my story of the week! 

I decided to make myself some curry and eat a little bit then and then the rest later! Well a week later I ate the left- overs and then I was poisoned by my own food! IT SUCKED! It was a great story to tell all the members and LA and Investigators and missionaries! 

that is my story on the week! 

Yesterday though, we had Zone Development! That is where we gather as a Zone a have a really big P-Day! It was fun! Great stress reliever! 

well that is elder smith for ya! I can tell you this one last thing! this next 4 weeks and going to be a tough one for me! I'm in a really tough area and the ward doesn't like missionaries to much and my companion is not much of a do-er but a follower! So I am ready for this trial, and one of the reason the lord gives you trials is so that when a bigger trial, it does conquer you but you conquer it! 

Well I love you all! 

Keep you head up because I know I will! 

Elder Smith

Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!

So I made it to Derry alright! It was sad to say goodbye to everyone! but it had to be done! now i'm here in Derry! 

It has changed since I last saw it! that's okay! 

So I will tell you about everyone one We are teaching here...

No one! My new companion says we are teaching people but until I see them then we will be teaching them!

We did however teach this one guy the other day but it wasn't really wanting to know more about the church! So we had to drop him mostly because he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon. So poor him he could have known the truth but wasn't humble enough to know!

So also we did teach another person! his name is Jason, he was a referral from the sister and he said he will take anyone in who talks about Jesus! So we taught him restoration and he we have a new investigator! 

but besides that we aren't teaching anyone! that is okay there are people prepared out here somewhere! but hey we have to start somewhere so work with what we have! all I have is my comp and scripture and my testimony! What more do you  need?

My new companion is awesome! Very happy guy just what the area needs! so between both of our talents we will change Derry! 

Sorry this weeks update is a bit lame! It will be better next week!

WellI love you all! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, March 9, 2015


HEy everyone so I got moves call yesterday and I'm moving! Guess where I'm going! I'm going to be going to Derry! How fun is that!? I just came from Omagh but Derry in is the same district, and I was there all the time when we exchanged! So it will be wierd going back to basically the same area but it will be fun also! 

So here is the update on our investigators! 

Sadly, dave couldn't make his date this week but that is okay we had to move it to the day before easter so that will be a hoot! He did make it to church and he did take his family so that is a blessing! but Dave is not taking the gospel seriously! he is on his Xbox when we are there! He is only home 1 hour during the day to see his family but the whole time he is there he plays Xbox! then he is "hanging out with the local drug dealer!" so we think he is dealing drugs! he is not taking it serious and we can tell because he doesn't have the light of Christ in him! so that is dave! 

She is doing great! She didn't make it to church but we met with her Twice and she did admit to us that she wants to join our church! that is awesome! She is scared to read the book of Mormon but she said she will read it! so that is good! She'll get there! Slowly but surely! 

We met with Thomas once this week and he said that he is thinking about moving down to England for that 6 months! So that stinks but We did teach him the atonement! that was fun! Didn't make it to church though!

Shawna Brown
So when we met with Shawna she was asking really good questions! Mostly about life after death! she said if she is going to join this church that is what she needs to know! she that is what we taughter! 

She was busy so we did't get a chance to meet with her! 

That is everyone! 

Now it is time for MEEEE! 

Elder McKay Smith
So I was just reading around the Book of Mormon and I came across the 55th verse in the 5th chapter from the book of Alma! and there it reads, "Yea, and will you persist in turning your backs upon the poor, and the needy, and in withholding your substance from them?" And before that verse it talked a lot about sharing the gosple! It made me think how those who are "poor in Spirit" need our spiritual "substance" to survive! So I kept thinking on how if we were poeples "light" in their lifes then we will bring that light into their life then but we won't be turning our backs on then but keeping our covenents we have made to recieve eternal life! 

That was just my thought on the verse! BUt I hope you all are doing well I'll let you all know how derry treats me!