Monday, December 22, 2014

MERRY Christmas to all!!

Hey all,

So it's the Christmas week coming up and I'll tell you about our investigators really quick!

Gillian & Charley
So They are still being baptised on the 27th (It's still my birthday!) So that is good! Gillian wants her to not be an open service, but her son wants his to be seen by the whole world! So I'll baptise Gillian and then my companion will baptise Charley! That will by fun! They seem to be really happy every time I seem them! I can't wait! It will be fun!

So he has postponed his baptism! It's mostly because it isn't worthy and he knows it! So that is Great! I really can't complain about that! He has been looking into anti mormon stuff still! It wierd though! He has BIG doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet, BUT he is still trying to live righteously! That is fantastic! He has so much faith that I'm surprised! He has way more then me for sure! So he is awesome! I love that guy! We are going to see him today! I can't wait!

So Dave is getting married! which is a good thing! He are helping out with that! I think I am giving a pray! who knows!? But We are just focusing on that however! Then once christ mas and new years die down we are going to teach him every thing over agian! I was talking to him and he said that hardest thing for him is to sit down and read his scriptures! it's because his house is crazy and so he can't focus! I told him that we can kidnap him and take him to the church to teach him! 

Shawna Barown
She just got prepare this passed couple weeks! She her husband, son and daughter died, Right? So a couple weeks ago she took a stroke! and now she is worried about dying! She is mostly worried about leaving her little grand daughter! So she is "white and readery to harvest"!

BEsides that I got my new companion! His name is Elder Kyle Harman! He's a stud! He's form California and Carona area! He has a way good testimony! It's been taught though because he's not much of a talker! So It's hard to get a conversation going! I's get him talking soon!

Then last night we went caroling! That was fun! We went around to poeple that we didn't know and sang them a sang! It was a blast! Also it was pooring rain but still fun!

So that is my update and a shout out to my family! I'll be Skyping at 8:00pm (about 1:00pm) so prepare yourselves! And can we do the same thing as last time? Let me know!

I love you all! 

-Elder Smith

P.S. It's birthday friday! 

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