Monday, December 29, 2014

The Three in the tree...

Hey yall! 

I'll update you on Gillian and Charley!

Gillian and Charlie
So they ended up being baptised this week! That was cool! Gillian wanted her's to be done in private! So, I baptised her while everyone sang the baptismal hymn! Then Elder Harman baptised Charlie! There was also Another girl who got baptised that day too! Her name is Emma and the other team was working with her! So that is great! Then the next day they showed up to church and theyI had the chance to comfirm them! That was scary! I hope I did fine!  

Besides that It has been really hard trying to get poeple to teach! Everyone is to busy with the christmas season! 

I'll tell, everyone who hasn't already heard, What I did on Christmas! We went over to a mambers home for lunch and he has schizophrenia! He's crazy! IT was alright! Nothing crazy happened there! Then we went over to Dave's house! That was crazy! when he walked out of his kitchen there was a trail of smoke following him! Then we sat down and do brought out our food he spilt turkey juice all over the floor! However, he gave us a mountain of food! Then elder Harman looks at me and said, "I can't eat this!" I just chowed it down the best I could! 

Besides that on my birthday I really didn't do anything specail! I went to McDonold's! It was a party! I was just happy to be apart of the baptisms! 

Take is easy loved ones and remember Light and truth forsake that evil one. 


Elder Smith! 

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