Monday, December 28, 2015

Okay, okay, okay,

So I got a challenge from my dad to not use any exclamation marks. So I won't hahahaha.

this week went alright it was a blast to see and talk with my family. I love them so much (exclamation marks) 

the work was tough, we couldn't meet with anyone because so We tried. 

I really don't have anything else to say. But I was told that I am bad at emailing because I don't answer questions but I don't have any questions asked this week so I have nothing else to sw but I will start improving on my email. It's never to late to start improving. 

I love you all.  you will hear more next week. byeeee.

-Elder Smith

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Time is hear!

Hello everyone!

If you didn't know it's Christmas week this week! And my Birthday this week! It's awesome! People always ask me, "does it suck to have you birthday that close to Christmas?" I normally tell them no but After thinking about Really doesn't it mean that another part of my life is closer to the Savior's! THAT'S AWESOME! 

So this week was awesome! We met with Vincent!

We are just trying to get him to understand to pray for an answer to receive guidance on what to do! I think he is is not trying to understand! what a struggle!

Cheryl... Couldn't get in contact with her! 

We got a new investigator named mark! He is the man! really friendly and has great potential! 

and Ozzy! a former investigator He know that Our church is true just hasn't realized it yet! ;)

and Jane and Clara just need to pray! that is it I feel like! 

That yeah life is awesome I am excite for Christmas and Skype! 

See you soon! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

ME from Belfast

Hello every one! 

So guess what I had moves call yesterday and I'm staying the same with the same companion! It awesome! It will be fun finishing my mission with him! 

BUt we had a chance to teach a lot of people let me tell you who !

Clara and Jane! 

Clara - she is to afraid to pray because she is scared of the answer. because if it;s true she will have to change her life! she will get there! 

Jane - just denies the fact that there could be a God! she is a stubborn one! 


Cheryl is doing awesome! She is very humble maybe a bit too humble because she thinks all her answers she give are dumb! 

Then there is Vincent! 

He just doesn't understand why we are there! I think he thinks we are there to convert him to the Mormons! NO we don't we are there to help him find the truth! He doesn't understand that! 

But still working with less actives! We have 12 lessons this week! 

So it's great teaching! 

But that is my wee update! 

I love you all and love the Pictures! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, December 7, 2015


How are you all doing? 

This week we did a lot of teaching! 

We got a total of 11 lessons! It is always fun teaching!

So We have 4 investigators!

Vincent Jones - He believes that the catholic church is true and also the Book of Mormon is true! well this week we told him it can't be! I don't think he really liked it! We can't get back in contact with him! Well we tried! and we will keep trying! 

Cheryl - we taught her a bit of the restoration and she has been reading from the book of Mormon! she came to church! She really enjoys that book and church I can just see it in her! 

Then there is Clara and Jane - They are a members daughters They have a million questions! So many questions that we sat down for an hour and we didn't get the chance to say much because they asked to many questions! But the second lesson was a lot better told them that they couldn't asked questions until the end, it worked! 

We are working though with a lot of less actives and so we just keep on going! it's awesome!

life is awesome! so the work is going on! 

I love you all! 

Stay fresh! 

-Elder SMith