Monday, April 27, 2015

Hello Every One!!

So life is great over here in Derry! I'll have to tell you day by day that would be easiest! 

Elder Buckley was picking all day and we emailed and I cleaned! 

So We went around to some members and elder Buckley said goodbye to everyone. 

So I sent Elder Buckley to Limerick and I was down in Omagh for the day! and I was with Elder Jaros! We helped a member clean out her house because she's preparing to move house! Her house wasn't even bad! But it was fun seeing old friends and it pays to be nice! then I picked up Elder McPhee! I love this kid! He is really quiet and so I'm trying to have him come out of his shell a bit! It's kinda of fun because I get to try to get his bubble to shrink!

So we mostly did planning on Thursday but I did introduce elder McPhee to some members and we were suppose to teach Jayson but he got caught up working! so We didn't get the chance too!

So on Friday elder McPhee got into his heart costume and dance on the street while I help a bucket! That got him out of his shell a bit! then I hope on to a train and went to the airport to fly to Edinburgh!  and then I slept over there and it was horrible let me tell you! So I slept under a window right by the a heater and then I kept waking up during the night because the window was opened and then I woke up at 5:40 because some other missionaries had to get up that early! 

so after waking up at 5:40 I got up at 6:30 and got ready for the day and then had a meeting from 9-12 then I got on my plane back to Ireland and then I caught a train back into my area by 8:00! but on the way back we got this phone call and this guy met missionaries 2 years ago on the street and gave him a card and he looked into the church and now he wants to meet with us! 

So then yesterday was church and we had a members appointment but twice someone stopped us and said that they would love to meet with us! so that was really cool! 

now I'm down! 

So that is my update! but I'm here to preform Miracle to God... Someone has to do it so why not me and elder McPhee?  I will tell  you more about them next week! 

Well I love you all! 

Take care! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, April 20, 2015

Well ya....

Hey y'all, So We got the moves call and this is what is happening! So my companion, elder Buckley... who is from Las Vagas, is moving down to Limerick which is suppose to be Beautiful i heard! but with me I am still staying here in in Foyle Ward. My address is still the same... 23 Waveney Mews, Waterside, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK, BT47 5FA... Letters would be great... hint hint! But my new companion is Elder MacPhee, I heard he is quiet that's okay I can bring him out of his shell a bit! Also I got resign to be the district leader! so we'll see how that goes! 

But an update on the week! So Investigator First...

He's doing alright! He is scared that he might have to end up in the hospital again if he stops drinking! so he talked to him about fasting and how it's there to help our bodies and to give us spiritual strength! That will start tomorrow! 

Now Recent Convert! 

Raymond and Siohban
They are doing great! Ever Since I have gotten here I can see a change in Siohban! She seems much happy and cheery! Which is what the Gospel is for! So they dong well! 

now the ward! 

So me and my comp had this new Idea where we stand outside the from of the church and invite people to take a tour of the church! Well we had a meeting with the bishop and he told us to stop doing that! didn't really give a reason why. I never asked, but I just have to listen! now we just have to keep tracting and Street Contacting. What can you do?

Um but that is may update! 

We'll see if next weeks is better! 

I love you All and REMEMBER...

23 Waveny Mews, Waterside, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK, BT47 5FA 


-Elder Smith

Monday, April 13, 2015

Much is Happening!

Hello family and Friend!

The weather over here in Ireland is pretty pretty wet and dark! But no need to fear, the Savior has enough light to fill the whole world!

So no much has happened this week! But I will make it sound like a lot did happen just to keep you guy entertained!

So I will start off with our investigator...

So He is doing fine and all is well with him... kinda! He is still addicted to alcohol and he batter some kids face in the other day! It is going to be tough to get him off! But it will be a party to see how it goes this week!I was thinking about share the scripture that says, "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other." -Mathew 6:24! Then I also have to put love in there! just so He doesn't get offended! It's called being bold not over bearing! So I will tell you how it goes!

Next I will tell you about the Recent converts!

Raymond and SiobhonThey are doing well! They are looking for an house and they can't pick which one they would like! she wants country he wants more of a town house! They will never make up their mind! But we shared a conference talk with them It's called "Choose to Believe" -By Elder L. Whitney Clayton! The talk was more pointed towards Siobhon! she tends to have a hard time choosing what to believe in! I enjoyed it! 

I love teaching! But I don't love it enough to be a teacher! That is not my cupa tea! 

We also had Zone Conference this week! It was good! 

They "instructed" us on getting investigators out to church!! also relying on the holy spirit! it was good old fundamentals! You had to have a good old foundation before you build you house! so I enjoyed it! some role plays were a bit dumb but I tried! Just gotta keep trying!

a cool story, right! We were trying this new finding activity where we stand outside our church and we ask people if they want to have a tour of our church! we got one tour! that is success none the less! 

Well family That is me! This week is we will get moves call this week! We will see what the Lord has for me ahead!

Well I love you all! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, April 6, 2015

Life is good!!!!!!!

So family and friends, This week was a good week! 

So I will tell you about Jason!

So we started Jason on the 12 Step addiction recovery program and He really enjoys it! When we introduced the packet to him he asked us how "do you really think that you can help me get off the alcohol?" He was so sincere and wanted help! it was way cool! Then he ended up getting really depressed during the week but it didn't look towards alcohol for the answer he looked towards the 12 steps! That was awesome!

Now I will you guys about 

Raymond and Siodhon
So when we met with these two they had a really big argument and she left for 3 hours and Raymond was worried! she came back and then showed up and Raymond told us that what has been happening so we tried to help! then I stopped everything we were doing and started with a prayer! then we watched Because He Lives and then Finally Siobhon came out to talk to us! We talked about all the questions she had and by the end of it all they were sitting next to each other! which is good! She seemed really happy and content with what we talked about! She didn't have much questions after we left and and now we need to build her faith in the Book of Mormon! That will be fun! 

So that is really every one we are teaching but I did find the promise land! We are going to go over there to talk with a lot of University Students! I will tell you how it goes! 

This week however, it did rain and we were walking down and muddy hill and I ended up slipping and my comp started laughing! It made me think though! when life gets muddy sometime you just need to enjoy the filth! 

Well family and friends I love you all I will hear from you next week I hope! 

-Elder Smith

 OH, I forgot My favourite conference talk would have to be from Uchdorf about grace! That Scripture he used has been on my mind the pass 2 weeks! I was on the right track but he explained it perfectly! I loved it! And Same with Ballard's during priesthood! that one was for me was for me!

Sorry for the second email!

-Elder Smith