Monday, January 26, 2015

IT's just me!

Hey Y'all,

Elder Smith here!

I'll tell you about the investigators we taught this week!

Gillian & Charlie
So we went over there with the home teacher! Her home teacher is a health freak and was talking about the word of wisdom to her the whole time! Which isn't a bad thing but man sometimes you can over do it! He was teling her that Irn Bru (The Famous Scotland Soft drink) Was bad for you! Which don't get me wrong, it does say on the bottle, "May have an effect with childrens attention..." So yeah it's bad for you but he made it wound like it was a sin to drink it! But it's sure it didn't bother! However there is some stuff that she is doing that we need to work on! I'll inform you with them! So She hasn't been reading and prayer! So that is the clear probablem! She hasn't been comeing to chruch because she has been staying up late partying! (Good thing she hasn't been drinking though) and the last thing is that her son charley been spending the night at his gran's house and been drinking tea! He told us that he is addicted to it!! AND HE'S 8! So We got a lot to work on! That s the fun part! 

Wiliam and Christina
Okay these guys are cool! So they both love studying! he doesn't understand the importance of the Book of Momon but he said he'll read it! So that is a bonus! But SHE is awesome! She is just rebuking him left and right say now this is nothing like the bible but it is around the same time as the bible! It was great! They are fun to teach! They want us over to stay for like 3-4 hours studying not even talking! So we just go to do what we got to do! They are good! Crazy but good! 

Shawna Brown
We taught her the Gosple of Jesus Christ, right? And as we were talking to her and asking her questions she got a bit emotional and I wish I keep the silence then she could have spoken her mind a bit more! I need to work on that! Sadly though we didn't get her on a date! so we still got to prepare her spirituallity be fore we invited to be baptised again! 

That is everyone! It was kind of a slow week this week so not much when one! However, I did get a request to make A little paragraph about me so might as well! 

Elder McKay Smith
So this wekk was pretty with me! I gave myself a hair cut and we had moves call! I'm stick with elder Harman again! So we will change Airdrie! On saturday we went to go and tract a high flat and this place is scetchy right? the 4th door in, on one answered! Then we thought it would be funny to take a picture of 102 door since that is what we planed to do all night! then some one yelled and asked who it was! (5 mintues later for the knock) We told them we were missionaries and then they opened the door! To make a long story short this girl was alone with two get and she was getting abused! We asked if she wanted our help she said no! But she does need our help so we are going to try to help her!
 So that is my update! This week was kinda Boring! NExt week will be better! 

Take it easy Family and Friends! 

I love you all! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, January 19, 2015

A lot of teaching!

So this week we had A lot of lesson which is always fun! I'll tell you about them! 

Dave and Amanda!
So with these two, they have quit the story! So so dave has a kid in England and bad stuff when down with the mom and kid so to cut a long story short the mther is loosing custody of her daughter! So, Dave has been freaked out about that and he can't focus! So it's hard for him to sit down and read and prayer! (even though we tell him that is will help him focus more then anything!) So, he decided that he needs to raise his daughter! He made the great dicision to give up weed! (It's about time!) So I look at this train reck as as blessing in disguise! Now we know how to teach dave for his needs and how to have the gasple bless has family! So, our focus for this week is how the gosple blesses family and how obeying the commandments will bless him in his life by creating the a good enviorment for his family! Hopfully he will take this to his heart! That is the gaol though! He did however go to chruch! So that is fantastic!

Shawna Brown
So Shawna is doing very good! So she we taught her twice this week they were both really good lessons! So, the first lesson we taught her the second half of the P.O.S. (Plan od Salvation) It was more of a breif summary! the member that came out with us knew her grandson So he did a great job in fellowshipping her and teaching her to have her feel of the spirit! Then the second lesson we had Ryan Wark come out with us and he is the best teacher I know of! it was great! He talk a lot about trails and everything reason why we have trails and then I ended up giving her a blessing! That is way awesome! I haven't given to many blessing threw out my mission but with that one I felt the spirit promting me with most of the word to say! That was THE experiance!

William Thomas
So William is now our New Investigator! He is the guy that we tracting in to the high flat! They Way Cool Guy! So We went over prophets with him, He has a very hard time believing the First vision! The funny thiong is that he can't deny what we are saying! It is great! So He is the Best investigator so fare! 

Gillian (and her Friend Lisa) and Charlie
So gillian didn't show out to church this week! I know with the probablem is! She grew up in the UK! The UK is not a bad place! No one just goes to church around here! That is the "Norm" here! So we are going to have to teach them about agency! which is always fun! But besides her struggles she did introduce one of her freinds to us! Her name is Lisa! Lisa is an atheist, So she just has a lack of a beliefe in god! NO worries! It was a good lesson with her. She asked some good question so hopfully we can meet her again! It's great that Gillian is doing missionary work, Not we just need to teach here to come to church!

Thomas Logan
Even though we didn't teach him this week we have A LOT of contact with him that I might as well give him and update! It's down to 1 cig a day and he has had no coffee! He is doing great! Didn't come to church this week but one thing at a time Right? So that is thomas! 

there really haven't been any great stories this week, so my advise would be, as Elder Bednar said, "don't be a missionary, become a missionary!"

I love you all! Take Care!

-Elder Smith

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello once again!

Hello family/ friends!

This week is quite funny... I think! 

So i'll give you an update on all our investigators! 

Dave is crazy! Getting Better, but still crazy! We had to lay down the law of faith on him! He could really grasp the consept of it! So we asked him question to show that he does have faith! I first asked him how does he know that Henry the 8th had 8 wives! He said because we have documents of it and that's the proof! Then I likened the "proof" to the scriptures and how he wasn't there when Henry lived so he has faith on the documents! That went right over his head! So my comp said how do you know the attacks in paris happened! He the news! Then we said they could be fake! then he finally grasp the concept of faith! so we taught him the 1st half of the Plan of Salvation! It was amazing! He had NO questions at the end! That is pretty cool! If you know dave he's asked some crazy questions! We did a good job with that lesson! 

Thomas is going great! To told us that he is going to try all he can to get off the tabacco and coffee by Saturday! The coolest thing about Thomas in that he finally understands the ower of prayer and scripture reading! So I think he'll make it this week!

Shawna Brown
We had a very good lesson with Shawna yesterday! we taught he about scriture reading and prayer! Then the first half of the Plan of Salvation! This time when we taught her she was more engaged in the lesson! That was cool! So she'll progress for sure! IT's going to be slow, but she'll get there!

Gillian and Charley!
Didn't make it to church this week! Gillian went and hung out with her friends saturday night and slept in! We'll talk to her about that!

So story Time!

I broke an elevator this week! It was cold outside and we decided to tract an 14 story apartment complex ! So we started from the top and worked our way down! we did one whole complex then moved on to the next one and we got to about floor 11 before I was about to go crazy! I told Elde4r Yated that I needed a brake and we should just take a joy ride on the elevator! we hopped in and I pressed all the buttons! Then a couple of stops later A couple joined in on the ride down! WEll the girl edned up getting a bit mad and press the ground floor button and the open button at the same time! well it broke and the door closed and the elevator went no where! so she pressed the fire button and we went straight down adn all was well! For some reason Elder Yates and I couldn't get the elevator back up! HAHAHA OOPS!

Well I love you all! Take it easy!

-Elder Smith

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Beging of my black hole year!

So this year is the beging of my black home year! which means That I won't be at home all this year! So I came up with a plan to get my mind off of that! 
  1. Get a 6 pack
  2. get through to Book of Mormon
  3. Get threw the New Testiment
  4. And to start to D&C to finish it before I get home! 
It will be a party for sure! 

So I'll tell you about our investigators/ recent converts that we taught and heard from today! 

Gillian and Charlie
So we met with Gillian this week before she went off to Paris! It was hard to reteach her the restoration because she has already heard it like twice before that so this is like the 3rd time she heard it! BUt no worries we are going to teach her the Plan of Salvaltion next week andthat one it easy to do because there is SOOO much in it! 

So with Dave we taught him a lesson on faith and by the end of it all he was more confused then when we started the lesson! We talked about the life of Jesus Chirst for a bit and he said that he thinks Mary told the church that Jesus was the Son of God so that she wouldn't be killed for having a baby out of wed lock! Then my Companion shut him down on that one! It was great! He is going to be a BIG project! 

So Thomas really wants to be baptised and he has been talking to the Sister Missionaries in the phone in Utah! They cleared up a lot of his concerns about the Prophet Joseph Smith! Thank Goodness! Then he alos has this friends that wants to meet with us and she wants our help to get her off her addictions so hopefully we can meet with her this week! 

Now I will tell you about 3 stories! 

The first one is how god build my testimony in fasting and Faith! So yesterday We were tracting a High Flat and we knock on about over a 100 doors! And we only got one kinda Potiental Inverstigator! So we catch teh bus back and we still had another 20 mitutes before we had to be in the flat! Well we were on Mini Splits and I was with Elder Yates! He and his comp only have one investigator! so the whole day he was complaining that no one wants to listen to us! (Which I was saying that too!) then the other team went in early because we were by our flat and everywhere has been tracted around our flat! So me and elder yates went to see a members home and on the way back Elder Yates suggested that we knock one door! we ended up knocking 4 and we finally found some one! And so that was the answer to my Fast because I Fasted for Elder Yates and his companion to find someone to teach! And it biuld my faith because it's always the Last Door! 

Second story! Me and my comp tracted a High Flat and no one answered then we went to go see a less active family and they weren't in! So we tracted some more and my comp said a personal prayer that some one would be sent our way! Soon enough someone ask if we were the mormons! And now they want to learn more about the church because they saw a TV program about our church! (If you know our mission, That stuff never happens!)

And Last story is pretty cool! So, we went to get a muchie box at this take away shop and the owners got talking to us and they throught that it was cool that were were from america! So to cut a long story short they took our pictures and posted them on Facebook! Then one of the Elder's dad snet them a picture of it! So now I sent it to you guy! 


Well I love you all keep on keeping on! 

-Elder Smith