Monday, October 27, 2014

God does Love Us!

God does love us, and I would like to talk a bit about Danny!

For all y'all who are in the dark and don't know Danny! He was a good friend of my family who passed away this week! 

After hearing about that I was shocked but I opened the True to the Faith and read a bit about the spirit world. It brought so much peace to my heart. To know that God does love us and he made the plan of happiness to show his love! 

In  Alma 40: 11, Alma talks about how when spirits die they "...are taken home to that God who gave them life." How great of a bless is that Danny to be with our Father in Heaven! 

Then we know that God will send him to the spirit world. There he can either be place in spirit prison. Even though it doesn't sound like a great place it still is better then we think! The souls that go there are those who “died in their sins, without knowledge of the truth, oin transgression, having rejected the prophets” 
(D&C 138:32) There they will be able to be taught the gospel and have the opportunity to repent and accept ordinances of salvation that are performed for them in temples! That means that everyone who goes there has a fantastic opportunity! 

Then they will join the spirits to who are in spirit paradise! I love that place! It is a place of peace and happiness! So all we can do is pray that Danny makes it to the spirit paradise! 

And I pretty sure that it you need to tell Danny anything, tell God, I am pretty sure he will deliver the message for you! 

Any who, time for my weekly update! 

So on Tuesday we had District meeting and Elder Yates Talked about working with members! It's so tough here! But if it's God's will then His will must be done! 
I really Enjoyed that!

Then we tried to find some people! 

Then on Saturday we blitz Omagh! A blitz is where multiple sets of missionaries are in the same area! So we had the Derry elders Down here and the Letterkenny sisters! They helped us find some people! Which they did! Thank you sisters! That was fun! 

I spent the whole day with elder Reeder! He's from South Africa and so funny! 

But I'm Sorry for the short Email! Not really Much has gone on! 

But I do love you all and I love hearing from you! I do love my heavenly father and I do know that he loves me! 

Talk to you next week! 


Elder Smith! 

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