Monday, November 30, 2015

What a week

So I will run you threw my week! 

So last Monday we met with a Former Investigators named Vincent He is good! He believe that the Book of Mormon is true! And the Catholic church is true! So We'll teach him about baptism! ask how he was baptized!

Then on Tuesday I went to newtownabby with elder Sheppard! all their investigators dropped them and all their appointments fell threw! I felt back for them! I've been there and done that! 

Then on wednesday wee met with a less active family called the Armstrong they fed us which was nice! they also have over 100 liters of diet coke! That is a lot of Fizzy drinks! 

They were okay! then on thursday We got 2 new investigators! Both were the granddaughters of a member! they are awesome! they have 1000 and 1 questions! they are great! 

then we met with Hillair our less active resent convert! he just need to forgive people! 

But we had Cheryl show up to church and also she liked it! I hope we can meet with her this week! and find a member to come out with us! 

BUt It was a well rounded week! 

I really enjoyed it! 

Umm what time do you have church again family!? so I know when to plan to skype?

But I love you all! 

I love you pictures thanks a lot for them! KEEP SENDING ME THEM!!!


-Elder Smith

Monday, November 23, 2015

HELLO Everyone!!

Hello Everyone! 

So this week was pretty good! We taught Philip and then he dropped us! We stressed how it is important to understand what baptism fully is! I think we kind of stressed him out! because he sent us a text a couple days later saying how he is going back to his own church! He made a comment on how what happens if he messes up? So I think what he understood baptism to be is just going to church and being part of the club! so it kinda stinks adn kinda is a good thing! Now the ward doesn't have to worry about him joining the church then going less active because he didn't know what he was getting himself into!

Then with Cheryl, she was sick this week so we were unable to meet with her! 

We are working with some less actives 

The armstrongs! I'm not full sure what is holding them back! but I will figure out! 

Nathan, he is going threw the hard time in life and a hardship in his marriage! 

Also the Marrells! They just don't feel part of the ward! 

So a good amount of people this week! we will see how it will go this week! 

I did however get a chance to meet Elder M. Russel Ballard of the twelve! He is kind of short! I was surprised! 

It was awesome to shake his hand and to be taught from him! I just love how we can tell they are just full of knowledge and they KNOW what they are talking about! 

He talked a lot about being great teachers because you are never going to get away from missionary work! He said even if you die in the spirit world that is what you will be doing! 

He said, "since you can't get away from it, might as well be great at it! 

It was all about doing the work 10 people is all you need to talk to a day to start teaching some one! it's true! our mission had over 200 missionaries! that means each day we will talk to 2,000 people threw out the mission! that is over 730,000 people a year! that is a lot of people! considering that there are only 11 million people in the whole mission! it's awesome! 

so it was a great experience to meet elder M. Russel Ballard! 

Well I love you all! 



-Elder Smith

Monday, November 16, 2015

Cavehill ward

Hello from belfast! 

Leaving behind the great people in Dumbarton was hard But now I am in the happiest place in the UK! 

The Irish are awesome! 

So whitewashing (were me and my companion are both new to the area) was kind of stress full! I just lost awesome awesome investigators! and came to a place I don't know and our investigators and hard to meet with! I don't know the bus routes and I don't know the members at all! So I had no clue what I was up against! then I saw the missionary who was leaving and the first thing he said to me was... "sorry the flat in a mess. I didn't have enough time to clean it!" ARE YOU KIDDIN ME! I was stressed to the max! but i go threw it! 

Once I met the ward members and got to know the area a bit better then I felt A lot better! 

So we do have 2 investigators! 

She has met with missionaries in the pass and she saw a baptism once! She has been reading a very little bit from the Book of Mormon and That is really all I know about her! We are meet with her today and So I will tell you more text week! 

He is hard to get on a appointment we had 2 and both of them fell threw! but he did com to church! that was awesome! He had a date for baptism a couple days ago but sadly he didn't make it! so we are going to work with him to achieve that! it will be awesome! He is very quiet! 

but This ward is really great and I enjoyed church a lot on Sunday!

that is all I got for you! 

I love you all! 

I love the pictures! 

have a good one! 

-Elder Smith

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Craic is mighty!

Hello everyone! 

So This week was moves call and guess what..... I'M MOVING! It's super insane! I am going back over the Ireland! where the craic is mighty! Me and my companion are new to the area and it's going to be a party! I'm so excited! Then my district leader is my favorite companion! Elder Harman! It's going to be so much fun! The President told my that my new companion is kinda lazy! But hey uyou know it will be fun teaching him to work hard! 

So this week we got 5 new investigators! It was awesome! 

So starting with Linda! 

She is Kind of insane. She was found by a church headquarter referral. So she told the church that she wanted to meet with us! She wants to know what we know because we are young people with strong faith! She told us crazy stories! but during the middle of the lesson she pretended to be a person who had schizophrenia! It was the strangest thing in the world!

Linda invited her neighbor over Allen and he was listening and helping Linda understand what we were teaching! 

Then there is Mike! 

He is from Kenya and is awesome! I don't mean to stereotype but he is your typical African! You say Jesus Christ and he will let you in and love what you are talking about! We taught him the restoration and invited him to church and told him it will be 3 hours long and he said "Sunday is for church it doesn't matter how long!" Sadly he didn't make it this week! But We couldn't tell if he meant this week or next! 

Then there is Katie and Courtney! 

They are our investigator's daughters they are great! One looks clueless and the other one is very hyper! it was hard trying to teach them but we did our best! all three of them came to church and they seemed to enjoy it! 

So this week was awesome and I really enjoyed it! It will be sad to leave here but It will be fun to see my Irish friends one last time! 

I love you all and thank you all for the pictures keep them coming and I love them!

Love you,

-Elder Smith

Monday, November 2, 2015

New Investigator!! It's about time!

Hello everyone! 

So my quick news! So I wasn't very sure when I get home but I just got informed that is maybe the 3rd of February! So that seems to be more likely then not! So that is probably when I get home! :)

But now my updates! 

So we are going to talk about scott! 


He finally got him own place and so his is moving out of the area! He is move just down the road though to some sisters in the district! So I will be able to keep tabs on him! 


So Marie split up with her husband and so she is moving down to england and will continue learning about the church there! 

So now our new investigator...


He is awesome! He wants to baptize his children into a church and so He wants to know which one. We found him on the street by the hand of the Lord! It was awesome! We will meet his daughters this week on Tuesday! 

But with our teaching pool emptied then we have plenty of time to find now people to teach! So We will see how it goes! We  do have some solid appointments this week! so let's see what the Lord has in-store for us! 

Be this coming up Tuesday for district meeting we are going to learn about parables and using them in missionary work! It will be awesome! 

Well I love you all and like always! I love seeing pictures of you! 


-Elder Smith