Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another one came, Another Gain!

FAMILY is sounds like you had a great holiday! it looked fun i got all the pictures! let me tell you though , you missed out here more then i missed out there!  

Oh yeah mom I did get this weeks email from you! SORRY!!!!!!!! get a new email!

Anyway, this week was kinda fun but wierd! BUt fun! 

basically we service for the first half of the week! Just helping memebers with thier home teaching working at salvation arm! Simple Stuff like that right! 

We still tough gillian and charley! We though charley wasn't paying attention during the Plan Of Salvation lesson! Then the next time we saw hime we asked him if he remembered what we though last time! And he knew it all! My comp and I probably POOPPED our pants! actually we did! However gillian came to church but not her son! So we are going have to talk to him! IT will be a party for sure! 

Then we tought shawna and ever time we teach her she seems to be more and more interested! so that's good! we are going to start teaching her grandkids however! 

that is all who we tought this week! The chirstmas season is tough! Everyone is to focus on the worldly stuff and not the spiritual stuff! So we have Dave who is working his butt off to have a good christmas with his family! then also thomas who is going out clubbing every night! IT's so hard to tell them that, that stuff is not fun! that is is stuff out there that lastes longer! then that! 

So we are just going to have to Sit them down and refocus them on the gosple! So we'll see how that goes! 

anyway to the fun part of the week! We were out tracting and we came went to go find someone but we got lost! so we knocked on a door and just did a normal door talk! what erever you want to call it! then he turned out to be SOOOOOO prepared! like honesty he was so lost and wondered why there were so many churches and only on god! He was so opened to us comming back and tach his family! and he is very smart so and pretty clever! I'm excited to teach him!

The the UK missions and Testing out this new project called the AUF (address unknown files) to find "lost sheep"!  And we were doing them and found the most solid lest active! She'll let us come back on friday! Party! 

so the is my week and did have a thanks giving feast! MERICA!!!!!!!!!!



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