Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Mother DEAR!


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

To start off I'm going to Answer my dad's question! NO dad I didn't get Mom's Email This week or the past few weeks! I Email my president to see what i should do! It's annoying because now i don't know who has been emailing me and who hasn't! Oh well life will go on! 

Any whom! My weekly update so we'll start on Tuesday, Right?

We had zone development and that was a blast! I basically talked with Elder Farnsworth the whole time! I LOVE that kid! He is about to go home! it's sad! He is so funny! I will miss him!

We tried to find someone on Wednesday Thursday Friday

On Saturday sister wager came into town and she is still crazy! Nice but crazy! we passed plat inspections and everything! we didn't even clean the shower and she didn't even notice! sneaky sneaky! 

we also taught a less active name Ian this week! It's funny because around the mission there is a rumor that every less active has some type of dolphin in their house! the dolphin could be a painting, shower curtains, or or even a wee statue! so this visit was the visit that I was going to find the dolphin, Because missionaries in the past have said they found it and got rid of it and the less active started to come to church and everything! ( dolphins are of the devil ) she I asked him if I could use the toilet and the I FOUND IT! Sitting on the toilet mocking me! I really didn't have to go to the bathroom I just want to find the Dolphin! So, I flush the toilet and grab the dolphin! I walk into the room and asked Ian where got it! He told us that one of the members gave it to him! So we finish our lesson and then before we were about to leave I asked him if I could buy off the dolphin from him... He said no....... Because it was part of a set! So if I ever see him again I'm going to ask if i could buy the whole set! :)

However we did go over to this part member family and she is less active and he is a christian. He think church is controlling! He's kind of a lost soul and but has a REALLY strong belief in Jesus Christ! However it's funny since he think church is so controlling he started his own church! CRAZY RIGHT! Poor guy, One day I am going to lay down the law with him! Probably when I get moved Or something! 

However that was our adventures for the week! I love you! Let me know if you guys been emailing me! Because I haven't been getting some of your Emails and then I hear that you have been Emailing me Weekly! 

Well Love!

Elder Smith!

P.S. we and my companion are going to ride our bike form omagh to derry! Its about 40 miles I can't wait! LOVES!

P.S.S. Happy Birthday Mom! Love You!

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