Monday, November 2, 2015

New Investigator!! It's about time!

Hello everyone! 

So my quick news! So I wasn't very sure when I get home but I just got informed that is maybe the 3rd of February! So that seems to be more likely then not! So that is probably when I get home! :)

But now my updates! 

So we are going to talk about scott! 


He finally got him own place and so his is moving out of the area! He is move just down the road though to some sisters in the district! So I will be able to keep tabs on him! 


So Marie split up with her husband and so she is moving down to england and will continue learning about the church there! 

So now our new investigator...


He is awesome! He wants to baptize his children into a church and so He wants to know which one. We found him on the street by the hand of the Lord! It was awesome! We will meet his daughters this week on Tuesday! 

But with our teaching pool emptied then we have plenty of time to find now people to teach! So We will see how it goes! We  do have some solid appointments this week! so let's see what the Lord has in-store for us! 

Be this coming up Tuesday for district meeting we are going to learn about parables and using them in missionary work! It will be awesome! 

Well I love you all and like always! I love seeing pictures of you! 


-Elder Smith

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