Monday, November 30, 2015

What a week

So I will run you threw my week! 

So last Monday we met with a Former Investigators named Vincent He is good! He believe that the Book of Mormon is true! And the Catholic church is true! So We'll teach him about baptism! ask how he was baptized!

Then on Tuesday I went to newtownabby with elder Sheppard! all their investigators dropped them and all their appointments fell threw! I felt back for them! I've been there and done that! 

Then on wednesday wee met with a less active family called the Armstrong they fed us which was nice! they also have over 100 liters of diet coke! That is a lot of Fizzy drinks! 

They were okay! then on thursday We got 2 new investigators! Both were the granddaughters of a member! they are awesome! they have 1000 and 1 questions! they are great! 

then we met with Hillair our less active resent convert! he just need to forgive people! 

But we had Cheryl show up to church and also she liked it! I hope we can meet with her this week! and find a member to come out with us! 

BUt It was a well rounded week! 

I really enjoyed it! 

Umm what time do you have church again family!? so I know when to plan to skype?

But I love you all! 

I love you pictures thanks a lot for them! KEEP SENDING ME THEM!!!


-Elder Smith

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