Monday, October 26, 2015

Another week down!

How are you all doing! 

This week was alright! as the day gets dark same with the people spirituality!! 

It's sad to see but hey the work must go on! 

This week was alright! I went back to one of my old areas.. Airdire! I love that place!

We did a finding activity out there to help them out! then I have about en hour left before we had to catch our train so I visited some members and one Investigator! It was a blast to see them a again It rekindle my energy! 

Wednesday was a lame day! we had an appointment set up that cancelled in the morning! we called around to 4-5 different people and no one was free! so a member came out with us and we stopped by 3-4 other people no one was in! It was a really rough night! 

Then Thursday we did finding all day! 

Same with Friday!

and saturday...

However with did meet with Scott this week and we came to the comclusion that there is three thing hold him back! 

1. slothfulness! he told us that he knew he has to use what he is learning! 

2. Pride! I hate it! but he said, "I don't need help!" 

3. He doesn't really like the members! He think the Bishop did a back ground check on him! so there you have it! 

Life is good though !

i do love you all and I REALLY love all the pictures you send me! 

-Elder Smith

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