Monday, November 16, 2015

Cavehill ward

Hello from belfast! 

Leaving behind the great people in Dumbarton was hard But now I am in the happiest place in the UK! 

The Irish are awesome! 

So whitewashing (were me and my companion are both new to the area) was kind of stress full! I just lost awesome awesome investigators! and came to a place I don't know and our investigators and hard to meet with! I don't know the bus routes and I don't know the members at all! So I had no clue what I was up against! then I saw the missionary who was leaving and the first thing he said to me was... "sorry the flat in a mess. I didn't have enough time to clean it!" ARE YOU KIDDIN ME! I was stressed to the max! but i go threw it! 

Once I met the ward members and got to know the area a bit better then I felt A lot better! 

So we do have 2 investigators! 

She has met with missionaries in the pass and she saw a baptism once! She has been reading a very little bit from the Book of Mormon and That is really all I know about her! We are meet with her today and So I will tell you more text week! 

He is hard to get on a appointment we had 2 and both of them fell threw! but he did com to church! that was awesome! He had a date for baptism a couple days ago but sadly he didn't make it! so we are going to work with him to achieve that! it will be awesome! He is very quiet! 

but This ward is really great and I enjoyed church a lot on Sunday!

that is all I got for you! 

I love you all! 

I love the pictures! 

have a good one! 

-Elder Smith

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