Monday, November 9, 2015

The Craic is mighty!

Hello everyone! 

So This week was moves call and guess what..... I'M MOVING! It's super insane! I am going back over the Ireland! where the craic is mighty! Me and my companion are new to the area and it's going to be a party! I'm so excited! Then my district leader is my favorite companion! Elder Harman! It's going to be so much fun! The President told my that my new companion is kinda lazy! But hey uyou know it will be fun teaching him to work hard! 

So this week we got 5 new investigators! It was awesome! 

So starting with Linda! 

She is Kind of insane. She was found by a church headquarter referral. So she told the church that she wanted to meet with us! She wants to know what we know because we are young people with strong faith! She told us crazy stories! but during the middle of the lesson she pretended to be a person who had schizophrenia! It was the strangest thing in the world!

Linda invited her neighbor over Allen and he was listening and helping Linda understand what we were teaching! 

Then there is Mike! 

He is from Kenya and is awesome! I don't mean to stereotype but he is your typical African! You say Jesus Christ and he will let you in and love what you are talking about! We taught him the restoration and invited him to church and told him it will be 3 hours long and he said "Sunday is for church it doesn't matter how long!" Sadly he didn't make it this week! But We couldn't tell if he meant this week or next! 

Then there is Katie and Courtney! 

They are our investigator's daughters they are great! One looks clueless and the other one is very hyper! it was hard trying to teach them but we did our best! all three of them came to church and they seemed to enjoy it! 

So this week was awesome and I really enjoyed it! It will be sad to leave here but It will be fun to see my Irish friends one last time! 

I love you all and thank you all for the pictures keep them coming and I love them!

Love you,

-Elder Smith

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