Monday, November 23, 2015

HELLO Everyone!!

Hello Everyone! 

So this week was pretty good! We taught Philip and then he dropped us! We stressed how it is important to understand what baptism fully is! I think we kind of stressed him out! because he sent us a text a couple days later saying how he is going back to his own church! He made a comment on how what happens if he messes up? So I think what he understood baptism to be is just going to church and being part of the club! so it kinda stinks adn kinda is a good thing! Now the ward doesn't have to worry about him joining the church then going less active because he didn't know what he was getting himself into!

Then with Cheryl, she was sick this week so we were unable to meet with her! 

We are working with some less actives 

The armstrongs! I'm not full sure what is holding them back! but I will figure out! 

Nathan, he is going threw the hard time in life and a hardship in his marriage! 

Also the Marrells! They just don't feel part of the ward! 

So a good amount of people this week! we will see how it will go this week! 

I did however get a chance to meet Elder M. Russel Ballard of the twelve! He is kind of short! I was surprised! 

It was awesome to shake his hand and to be taught from him! I just love how we can tell they are just full of knowledge and they KNOW what they are talking about! 

He talked a lot about being great teachers because you are never going to get away from missionary work! He said even if you die in the spirit world that is what you will be doing! 

He said, "since you can't get away from it, might as well be great at it! 

It was all about doing the work 10 people is all you need to talk to a day to start teaching some one! it's true! our mission had over 200 missionaries! that means each day we will talk to 2,000 people threw out the mission! that is over 730,000 people a year! that is a lot of people! considering that there are only 11 million people in the whole mission! it's awesome! 

so it was a great experience to meet elder M. Russel Ballard! 

Well I love you all! 



-Elder Smith

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