Monday, June 29, 2015

Learning New Stuff

Hello Every I figured out I need to do some housekeeping items! First Happy Fathers day DAD! second Happy Birthday HARRISON!!!

So I will tell you about my week day for day! 

Tuesday- we had district Meeting and I instructed on being a leader and how everyone should be a leader! then we went and did street contacting! My companion read this book on exchanges with the zone leaders and it talked about skills and how skills and faith work together! which is kinda cool! so we were focusing on our skills while we did street contacting! then we taught a Boyfriend and Girlfriend who is less active! they plan on getting married and his family wants him to serve a mission! but we had a good chat with them! We are going to see if we could get him out with us tomorrow! Then we taught Gerard! We invited Gerard to church and He agreed he would make it! 

Wednesday- We did street contacting and tracting all day! and we were super close to get a new investigator! like so close! but she told us the book of Mormon was to "deep" for her, and by that she means hard to understand the language! haha oh well!

Thursday- we did planning and a member came up from Omagh, my old area, and fed us lunch! Tom is great! then we just finished off with meeting with brother Holmes, our ward mission leaders! 

Then Friday was a very busy day- We had a less active less with Paul and finally got him a lift sorted! then we had Sam and Audrey then old members of the ward! then we had a then we did finding for a bit then we had dinner at a members house! then we had Had Raymond and Siobhan. and Siobhan is finally reading the Book of Mormon! FINALLY! and she is taking it seriously! 

Then Saturday- Then we met with with Gerard and we check to still see if he was planning to come to church, he told us he still was! then we did some finding! for the rest of the day! 

Then Sunday, we had paul at church, and another Less active, but sadly no Gerard! Then we went to a members and did some finding and called it a day! 

This week I had prayers answered left and right, also I felt like we are so close to figuring out how to find someone to teach! and so close in getting someone to the church! just so close to everything!

This next week is a very busy week and we are getting a new mission president! so I will let you know how that goes next week! 

Well  i love you all! And take it easy!

-Elder Smith 

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