Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello Hello Hello

Hello Everyone! 

Life is well over here in Derry and I whether out is a bit raining but you can't rain on my party! so I will tell you the updates on this week! 

So we taught Gerard this week and his desires is to find out if Joseph smith was a true prophet. so that is good! We have him on a date for the 25th of July. Hopefully he get's his answer by then! then we have just been doing a lot of finding! We have been stopping by people who has investigated to church before then stop investigating for number of reasons that seem promising! then we are also going to work with the Part member Less actives family to get them back to church and into the church! so that should be fun!

that is really my update for this week! 

But the plan for the week ahead is pretty nice. Sadly I won't get to here Jeffery R Holland talk because I'm in Ireland! :( it's rather upsetting but the church is still true! 

Then in 1 month we will be getting a new mission president! He's from Wales and I don't know much else about him! 

The focus around the mission seem to be Obedience! like it seems to be so much the focus the every is distracted from the skills we need to learn to help people come unto Christ, Such as teaching, working with member to help them in lessons, and fallowing the Spirit! and yes you need to be obedient, but if you don't know how to teach some one what good will that do! It's makes me think of the Savior.He was Perfect in any way possible! He wasn't perfect in one thing though, just a perfect balance in every thing! and when Christ said "be ye perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect." He meant it! That is our potential. Here is an analogy I heard base off the scripture! Think about high school, a Senior gets straight A's and a freshman gets straight A's. which one is perfect! they both are! One just has more Intelligence then the other! that is like us the word perfect means complete. we need to be complete like Jesus is complete.

Well that is me I love you all! 

Take it easy! 

-Elder Smith

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