Monday, June 8, 2015

Life as Usual

Hello Family and Friends, 

So the big question is When do I get a new mission president! So he arrives on the 1st of July and we meet him the 3rd of July! said and done!

It will be fun to see how he is and everything! 

So we had Elder Holland in Scotland this week! I decided that the Lord put the BEST missionaries in Ireland so they didn't need to hear what Holland had to say because they already knew! ;) nah I'm just kidding! but I could be true! But it sounds like something big is coming to Northern Europe in the next 5 years or so! Something to do with Joel 2! We haven't had much information about it yet but we should get more by next week. CRAZYYYY. 

Then we had a Europe area  Stake Conference. that was cool! And Holland spoke there! He talked for 50 minutes or so! He Talked about how hard it would be to write the Book of Mormon and basically told everyone that it was impossible to write it that is why it is from God! Of course he went into much more details and anyone who was heard it who was not a member probably is going to get baptized... well that was how good it was! 

Then we had hard time seeing Gerard this week. we wasn't in during his appointment this week and he went by threw out the week and still wasn't in! we went in and last night we went by to see if he was in and he was, luckily, and we had a wee lesson with him and so it was good to see him again. And good thing he has been reading and praying.

One thing the Zone leaders have been focusing on this moves is finding solid people to bring to church! and to be honest it kinda suck! they make you feel like, even though you are teaching people, if they don't come to church then you should be teaching them! Which that is not how I roll! I qualify the people I find, not find the qualifies people! The Lord has trust me with a child of His! I am going to do all I can to save their souls. now of course if they aren't reading and praying or even trying to find out if it is true or not then we should see them! But I have the same attitude as Jesus does, "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

So yeah that is my little rant for today! but no Life is good! If it wasn't for the Gospel I would be hating life. But no I know the church is true and I am doing my best and God can't complain with that! I'm still learning and growing. that is what it is all about! 

So yeah, my companion is slacking though. he need more responsibility. We will see how this week goes! :)

Well I love you all and remember to hold to the Iron Rod!

-Elder Smith 

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