Monday, July 6, 2015

New changes same old place

Hello everyone! So I will give you a run down each day of the week! 

So on Tuesday was district meeting and I instructed on planing it was kind of boring!! But now I know what I need to do to make it fun! the we found for the rest of the day!

Then on Wednesday we went to Antrim! That is where they told us we need to be more obedient and consistence! I really felt like nothing has done! so I and just going to keep finding them people! 

Thursday was planing and finding! 

Now, Friday was the BIG day! That was the say we met president Donaldson! He is a GREAT guy. it will be fun to see what  changes he is going to make to the mission! He talked a lot about sanctifying ourselves and to be creative! 

Then Saturday, we did kinda get a new investigator! Her name is Margret, so was interesting in how the Book of Mormon could bring us closer to God! she said she wants to read it! but I don't know how interested she is in learning about the truth. It's kinda cool we got a new investigator!

Now sunday was moves call! I am staying here for at least another 6 week! that means I am going to be in the same district for half of my mission! Well all I know is when I come back to visit I am not going to have to travel far! 

so that is my wee updates! I really do feel like I am doing the same thing every day! But one of the hardest thing that we have in this mission is receiving referrals from members! so me and my comp were thinking about working more with the youth! it will be fun to see what we have in store the next 6 weeks!

Well nest week you will hopefully get a better detailed letter! But I love you all! take care! 

-Elder Smith

P.S. 211 more days until my plane home! and yes I am trunky but some how it keeps me going! :)

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