Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey ya!!!

Hello Everyone!

So week was an okay week! It was a week of learning for sure! 

so the computers we are using keep logging us out so this is going to be a short one sorry about that!

So we went over to a members house a week ago on Sunday! and it was just a normal member appointment!! Then all of a sudden, when we met up with our ward mission leader he told us that one of the family members from that appointment complained to the bishop that we gave the worst spiritual thought in the world! only because there was a none member there and they wanted us to teach him! 

Well how are we suppose to know that if they don't tell us! like, one time when we were at the same members home the mom told us one of her friends was coming over and she wanted us to teach the plan of salvation! but this time we didn't hear anything so we were there for the bishop and the help strengthen the family! people just need to talk to us! 

Then I finally figured out what the ward thinks of missionaries! they think we all are the same! They had one bad experience with a couple of missionaries so they think we all are the same! 

I am ELDER SMITH i have different talents and I see stuff different then everyone else! I just want them to work with me! it's rather frustrating! But we have a really good ward mission leader and I will chat with him! 

I am learning the importance of communication here! 

Then I am also learn the importance of have skills and how skills are a form of work with our faith! I kept telling my companion the obedience isn't everything, But we still need to be obedient! But it we don't know how to teach or if we don't have any teaching skills then your obedience is wasted! so then week I have been focusing on my finding skills and I finally learned how to make instant friends.

It kind of cool!

Well sorry for the short letter! I got to get going!

i love you all and have a fantastic week!

-Elder Smith

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