Monday, January 5, 2015

The Beging of my black hole year!

So this year is the beging of my black home year! which means That I won't be at home all this year! So I came up with a plan to get my mind off of that! 
  1. Get a 6 pack
  2. get through to Book of Mormon
  3. Get threw the New Testiment
  4. And to start to D&C to finish it before I get home! 
It will be a party for sure! 

So I'll tell you about our investigators/ recent converts that we taught and heard from today! 

Gillian and Charlie
So we met with Gillian this week before she went off to Paris! It was hard to reteach her the restoration because she has already heard it like twice before that so this is like the 3rd time she heard it! BUt no worries we are going to teach her the Plan of Salvaltion next week andthat one it easy to do because there is SOOO much in it! 

So with Dave we taught him a lesson on faith and by the end of it all he was more confused then when we started the lesson! We talked about the life of Jesus Chirst for a bit and he said that he thinks Mary told the church that Jesus was the Son of God so that she wouldn't be killed for having a baby out of wed lock! Then my Companion shut him down on that one! It was great! He is going to be a BIG project! 

So Thomas really wants to be baptised and he has been talking to the Sister Missionaries in the phone in Utah! They cleared up a lot of his concerns about the Prophet Joseph Smith! Thank Goodness! Then he alos has this friends that wants to meet with us and she wants our help to get her off her addictions so hopefully we can meet with her this week! 

Now I will tell you about 3 stories! 

The first one is how god build my testimony in fasting and Faith! So yesterday We were tracting a High Flat and we knock on about over a 100 doors! And we only got one kinda Potiental Inverstigator! So we catch teh bus back and we still had another 20 mitutes before we had to be in the flat! Well we were on Mini Splits and I was with Elder Yates! He and his comp only have one investigator! so the whole day he was complaining that no one wants to listen to us! (Which I was saying that too!) then the other team went in early because we were by our flat and everywhere has been tracted around our flat! So me and elder yates went to see a members home and on the way back Elder Yates suggested that we knock one door! we ended up knocking 4 and we finally found some one! And so that was the answer to my Fast because I Fasted for Elder Yates and his companion to find someone to teach! And it biuld my faith because it's always the Last Door! 

Second story! Me and my comp tracted a High Flat and no one answered then we went to go see a less active family and they weren't in! So we tracted some more and my comp said a personal prayer that some one would be sent our way! Soon enough someone ask if we were the mormons! And now they want to learn more about the church because they saw a TV program about our church! (If you know our mission, That stuff never happens!)

And Last story is pretty cool! So, we went to get a muchie box at this take away shop and the owners got talking to us and they throught that it was cool that were were from america! So to cut a long story short they took our pictures and posted them on Facebook! Then one of the Elder's dad snet them a picture of it! So now I sent it to you guy! 


Well I love you all keep on keeping on! 

-Elder Smith

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