Monday, July 20, 2015

The refiners Fire

Holy cow it was quite the week! 

Nothing got done just a lot happen! 

starting with Monday! it was the 12th of July and so we had to stay in our apartment all day. that because the Protestants they celebrate their independence. They do have these massive bond fires. it's just to taunt the Catholics because they don't like them here! So while I was in the flat all day I studied the book of Revelations. I got to chapter 8! 

Then on Tuesday we had district meeting. I talked about find! It was really fun. I had everyone bring something random then they had to talk to some in the district about their random item and it was funny stuff. Then I went to Bangor and met the Peacock Family. they are great. A cool story about the Peacocks is that they have a son in Hong Kong right now serving a mission. but when I was at the Provo MTC he was the last person I met, and so the peacock has always wanted to meet me! They are great.

Then Wednesday we had Zone Leadership Council. then we didn't get back to our area until 3 and We did a bit of Finding and also helped out indexing at the church.

Thursday I went on Exchanges with Omagh and They are doing good. we are working on Finding Skills which we ALL need! 

Then Friday We exchange back and taught Raymond and Siobhan. She doing alright. She is reading the Book of Mormon and so we watched the Prophet of the Restoration film and It may have helped her. so It is still a work in progress. but when I came back to Derry I left my Bag on the bus that was sad.

The Saturday I retrieved my bag from the Lost and Found and some one stole my Camera. It sucked. Then we volunteered at a British Heart Foundation. then we found the rest of the day. no one answered their Doors. I mean like NO ONE.

Then Sunday Morning I lost my glasses so I has to church with no glasses. I did meet though the BYU Rugby Coach! then a member fed us which they are so lovely and Great. then we found my glasses and went finding, then we went to the new area that I have never been to before and started to treat us like Idiots and I was Raging. I was really annoyed. so went back home and had dinner.

so this  week has been a refiners fire indeed. I could say more but I am going to make these next week different. for sure.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week. I know I will.

-Elder Smith

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