Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello everyone!

To let you know, I am okay. I am always trunky! I call it a healthy Trunky! like way I am going to be Homesick and miss home, But I know that I am doing good for the Lord and so it out ways the trunky! So no worries! 

I am still working hard! 

Until the work is gone! 

So this week was moves week! right! so we get an extra P day! so that twas fun. 

So on Tuesday, we literally went street contacting in the rain all day! that was fun. we planted plenty of seeds and plenty of the "rocks" were taken out. 

Then Wednesday we went to see a castle and 

Then Thursday was planning and correlation.

Then Friday We went finding found this really solid guy. it's really cool! 

saturday we did finding! 

then sunday we had church and a meeting with the bishopric which is a shock! and we talked on Member missionary work!  Which is a shock! 

then Monday was the 12th of July look it up it's kind of cool! 

12th of july in Northern Ireland!

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