Monday, May 4, 2015


Hello Family Friends and everyone that I just love so dearly! 

Elder Smith here Just wants to update you about my week! 

So this week we got one new investigator! Her name is Annette she believes in staying in the religion you are born into! I don't know why but yeah she feels that way! Oh well! We will destroy her Faith then build it back up with love!

We haven't seen Jayson in a couple of weeks! He doesn't seem to be answering his phone calls! we'll see what happens with him!

umm we did a lot of finding and got a couple of potentials we will see how they work out! 

all I can say is that I've been working my tail off this week! 

I gave my first district meeting! It went according to plan so that is good! This next one will be fun!

Well I love you all.

I'll hear from you next week! 

-E. Smith

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