Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Hello Hello

So the only lesson we taught this week was Raymond and Siobhan so I will tell you about it! 

Raymond and Siobhan
They are really a great couple they are just a bit stressed out because they are having a baby and they are looking for a new house at the same time! and they stress is getting to their marriage! they were relieving their stress on us now they are better! so hopefully they can work threw it! but it's was a good lesson I forgot what we chared but I can still remember what I felt! 

also I went on exchanges with Elder Livingston! He is a good guy A LOT of enthusiasm! Which is what Omagh needs! He's a good missionary! 

we did have Zone interview Training! It was the last time I will have an interview with president Brown! Sad! That is okay I will see him once more before he leaves! 

what is weird is that we are getting a new president 1 July! Crazy Crazy Crazy! 

Oh yeah Did I ever tell you guys that Jeffery R Holland is coming to our mission! That is going to be crazy! 

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