Monday, May 18, 2015

Well we meet again!

So this week was alright! Nothing to special! 

I'll do Day by Day

We went to this fort thing it was rather cool. It build around the time of Christ's birth which is really cool! Then we went to family home evening that was fun! It's flu of old people and every one just LOVE life! That is all what the Gospel is about! 

We had district meet on Tuesday and I instructed on the Power and Authority of our calling and how god gives us Gifts of the Spirit to help us out with our power! then we went on a really LONG walk and talked to everyone that crossed our path! That was horrible because we walked acrossed our area and then took a bus back where we started!

we had an lunch appointment on wednesday with sister Colhoun. She is great! The food was outstanding! I enjoyed it! then we had an appointment our investigator Annette. we knocked on her door and she say that it was us and then she reached for her watch then told us that she was leaving in ten minutes and that we couldn't meet with her. the funny funny thing about it was she didn't have a watch and she sat and talked with us for 15 minutes! So I don't think she is interest in what we want to share! then we had this one thing at the church and it as all about Child abuse! it was a ridiculous. oh well what can you do! 

On thursday we decided to do something smart! Instead of go out aimless to nowhere and try to find someone. we should look at all the people we have and had and see who might be interested! then we planned on how we may contact them! the I went on exchages with elder Jarosz and he is quite the stud! then is was correlation with Brother Holmes! 

We did Finding in the morning and we had an appointment to a less active name Paul! He just has to find a lift to church then He'll be active so We just help him do his missionary work! the I worked on the Eye of Faith! which just tells how the Missionaries in my stewardship are doing!

We were at British Heart Foundation Volunteering there the passed few times we've been there the police was called on us! That was fun! but they were called on us this time!

We went over to a members home and she said she wanted us to teach her friend the plan of salvation. we did but he told he at the end he wasn't interested in being religious. it's sad though. no one here has a desire to do anything with God! 

So that is my update on my week! 

I love you all and keep on Keeping on!

-Elder Smith

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