Monday, April 6, 2015

Life is good!!!!!!!

So family and friends, This week was a good week! 

So I will tell you about Jason!

So we started Jason on the 12 Step addiction recovery program and He really enjoys it! When we introduced the packet to him he asked us how "do you really think that you can help me get off the alcohol?" He was so sincere and wanted help! it was way cool! Then he ended up getting really depressed during the week but it didn't look towards alcohol for the answer he looked towards the 12 steps! That was awesome!

Now I will you guys about 

Raymond and Siodhon
So when we met with these two they had a really big argument and she left for 3 hours and Raymond was worried! she came back and then showed up and Raymond told us that what has been happening so we tried to help! then I stopped everything we were doing and started with a prayer! then we watched Because He Lives and then Finally Siobhon came out to talk to us! We talked about all the questions she had and by the end of it all they were sitting next to each other! which is good! She seemed really happy and content with what we talked about! She didn't have much questions after we left and and now we need to build her faith in the Book of Mormon! That will be fun! 

So that is really every one we are teaching but I did find the promise land! We are going to go over there to talk with a lot of University Students! I will tell you how it goes! 

This week however, it did rain and we were walking down and muddy hill and I ended up slipping and my comp started laughing! It made me think though! when life gets muddy sometime you just need to enjoy the filth! 

Well family and friends I love you all I will hear from you next week I hope! 

-Elder Smith

 OH, I forgot My favourite conference talk would have to be from Uchdorf about grace! That Scripture he used has been on my mind the pass 2 weeks! I was on the right track but he explained it perfectly! I loved it! And Same with Ballard's during priesthood! that one was for me was for me!

Sorry for the second email!

-Elder Smith

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