Monday, March 30, 2015

Each Step...

Hey Everyone, This week is a lot better!

So I'm Settled in Derry fine now and I finally got everything sorted out! I finally figured out who we are teaching and who we are! so we only have one investigator so far and his name is Jason. I will tell you about Jason...

So Jason is about in his late 30's and he said anyone who wants to talk about Jesus Christ I will let them in my home! So we started meet with him and he has told us that he is and alcoholic and that he has been look for help for some time now! We told him we will help him and that we'll set a date for him to be off the drink! so he said he'll stop drinking by today! so we will just be there to help him grow! and to pick him up when he is down! So I like Jason! he's a good guy! He's been trying to read the Book of Mormon but it's hard for him to understand since he is drunk all the time!


Now we will move one to recent converts!

Raymond & Shiobhon
Raymond (the husband) is doing great he goes to church and still knows it's true! Shiobhon (The Wife) told us she thinks the church isn't true! Only because she has a lot of unanswered question! sadly I didn't get the chance to meet with her! But this week I will meet with her and hopefully enlighten her mind! 

That is really all who we are teaching But I have been doing A LOT of studying and this week I has been Studying the Law of Consecration! That was so much fun to learn about! one of the purposes of the law is to humble the rich and exalt the poor! I love it! 

That is my update! 

I love you all and you guys have a great week! BYEEE!

-Elder Smith

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