Monday, April 20, 2015

Well ya....

Hey y'all, So We got the moves call and this is what is happening! So my companion, elder Buckley... who is from Las Vagas, is moving down to Limerick which is suppose to be Beautiful i heard! but with me I am still staying here in in Foyle Ward. My address is still the same... 23 Waveney Mews, Waterside, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK, BT47 5FA... Letters would be great... hint hint! But my new companion is Elder MacPhee, I heard he is quiet that's okay I can bring him out of his shell a bit! Also I got resign to be the district leader! so we'll see how that goes! 

But an update on the week! So Investigator First...

He's doing alright! He is scared that he might have to end up in the hospital again if he stops drinking! so he talked to him about fasting and how it's there to help our bodies and to give us spiritual strength! That will start tomorrow! 

Now Recent Convert! 

Raymond and Siohban
They are doing great! Ever Since I have gotten here I can see a change in Siohban! She seems much happy and cheery! Which is what the Gospel is for! So they dong well! 

now the ward! 

So me and my comp had this new Idea where we stand outside the from of the church and invite people to take a tour of the church! Well we had a meeting with the bishop and he told us to stop doing that! didn't really give a reason why. I never asked, but I just have to listen! now we just have to keep tracting and Street Contacting. What can you do?

Um but that is may update! 

We'll see if next weeks is better! 

I love you All and REMEMBER...

23 Waveny Mews, Waterside, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK, BT47 5FA 


-Elder Smith

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