Monday, March 9, 2015


HEy everyone so I got moves call yesterday and I'm moving! Guess where I'm going! I'm going to be going to Derry! How fun is that!? I just came from Omagh but Derry in is the same district, and I was there all the time when we exchanged! So it will be wierd going back to basically the same area but it will be fun also! 

So here is the update on our investigators! 

Sadly, dave couldn't make his date this week but that is okay we had to move it to the day before easter so that will be a hoot! He did make it to church and he did take his family so that is a blessing! but Dave is not taking the gospel seriously! he is on his Xbox when we are there! He is only home 1 hour during the day to see his family but the whole time he is there he plays Xbox! then he is "hanging out with the local drug dealer!" so we think he is dealing drugs! he is not taking it serious and we can tell because he doesn't have the light of Christ in him! so that is dave! 

She is doing great! She didn't make it to church but we met with her Twice and she did admit to us that she wants to join our church! that is awesome! She is scared to read the book of Mormon but she said she will read it! so that is good! She'll get there! Slowly but surely! 

We met with Thomas once this week and he said that he is thinking about moving down to England for that 6 months! So that stinks but We did teach him the atonement! that was fun! Didn't make it to church though!

Shawna Brown
So when we met with Shawna she was asking really good questions! Mostly about life after death! she said if she is going to join this church that is what she needs to know! she that is what we taughter! 

She was busy so we did't get a chance to meet with her! 

That is everyone! 

Now it is time for MEEEE! 

Elder McKay Smith
So I was just reading around the Book of Mormon and I came across the 55th verse in the 5th chapter from the book of Alma! and there it reads, "Yea, and will you persist in turning your backs upon the poor, and the needy, and in withholding your substance from them?" And before that verse it talked a lot about sharing the gosple! It made me think how those who are "poor in Spirit" need our spiritual "substance" to survive! So I kept thinking on how if we were poeples "light" in their lifes then we will bring that light into their life then but we won't be turning our backs on then but keeping our covenents we have made to recieve eternal life! 

That was just my thought on the verse! BUt I hope you all are doing well I'll let you all know how derry treats me!

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