Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!

So I made it to Derry alright! It was sad to say goodbye to everyone! but it had to be done! now i'm here in Derry! 

It has changed since I last saw it! that's okay! 

So I will tell you about everyone one We are teaching here...

No one! My new companion says we are teaching people but until I see them then we will be teaching them!

We did however teach this one guy the other day but it wasn't really wanting to know more about the church! So we had to drop him mostly because he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon. So poor him he could have known the truth but wasn't humble enough to know!

So also we did teach another person! his name is Jason, he was a referral from the sister and he said he will take anyone in who talks about Jesus! So we taught him restoration and he we have a new investigator! 

but besides that we aren't teaching anyone! that is okay there are people prepared out here somewhere! but hey we have to start somewhere so work with what we have! all I have is my comp and scripture and my testimony! What more do you  need?

My new companion is awesome! Very happy guy just what the area needs! so between both of our talents we will change Derry! 

Sorry this weeks update is a bit lame! It will be better next week!

WellI love you all! 

-Elder Smith

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