Monday, February 23, 2015

Boy is it cold!

So It's been pretty cold outside this pass week! I all the elders in our flat is torturing me! Let me explain why! So it cold outside and I am out side ALL DAY right? from 10am-8pm I am outside work! (mind an hour for lunch inbetween there! so 9 whole hours of being out in the cold! then I finally finish for hte day and am retiring back to the flat! Then walk in and it's not much warmer then outside! I've been freezing everyday this week! If I touch the heating then Everyone complains that it is too HOT! and so I have this Blanket I use to kep my warm and they hid it from me! Now I am just tict off so I'm going to his all their warm cloths and see what they do! also crack open all the windows! because man I HATE being cold! So yeah that is that!

So not the update on our investigators!

So dave is doing good! We have been helping him out A lot this week! So the social service came yesterday to check his house to see if it is suitable for children to live there! so we have been cleaning his house like crazy! it's looks good for what we used! He didn't have any rags so we used bed sheets that was fun, But we went over all the comandments with him and how if want to be baptised by the 7th of march then he is going to have to live all the commandments a week before the baptism and forever after! basically he said the hardest ones will be the tea and coffe and the tithing! so we might have to push back his date not unless he thinks he can make it! so hopfully he can! 

Shawna Brown
So we had an appointment with her this week but It turned out the 30 minutes before our appointment her daughter went to the hospital! So we didn't get the chance meet with her but she did make it to church for the first time! that is awesome and her little grand-daughter made a new friend so that is awesome! we do hope that her daughter will be fine though!

So this week we met with thomas once andit was just to clean his home! So, we only cleaned one room and not even all the way! Basically, he just has a bunch of paper laying around that he neer threws away! so we took 2 hours of sorting out his paper!  it sould have only taken us 10 minutes! so Yeah next time when we meet with him we are going to give him a list of cleaning stuff to by and then we are going to clean his whole house! but thomas made it to church and had to leave early due to a massive head ache! Thomas also has a baptismal date that is on the 28th of march

So we finally got back in touch with sarah! We taught her the Plan of Salvation! She loved it! and we got her on a baptismal date! It's the same day as Thomas so the 28th of Mrach! And she came to church but left early due to Thomas's head ache!

So angela is a new investigator! so me and elder Glasgow talked to her about 2 months ago and she said she is a strong believer in Christ so we don't need to convert her! then this last week we were trying to find some red bush tea for Dave and she saw us and told us how her parents just died and she doesn't understand why they died on the days that they did! Now that is a tough question! because I don't know why god picks the time when poeple dies! I think it just comes down too isaiah 55 8! but shared al lot about our beliefes and she said that she is very interested and wants to learn more! So she is awesome!

That is all our investigators! 

Now it's time for the update that is all about me!

Elder McKay Michael Smith
I find it interesting how act! Have you ever just done people watching before! Poeple do weird stuff a lot of the times! so So we have 4 Elders in our appartment and one of them is flipping Crazy! he Loves pointing out all the wrong in poeple! then when your point out the wrong in him he debates it untill he is right! so he is never wrong! A lot of the times that can get very annoying! it's great how to gosple really helps out in our lives! so I studied love for a couple of days and my definition of love would be selfLESSness! It interesting to see how when we care about ourselfes we don't change we stay the same! but where as when we can for other we change of the better good! and even though this one elder is annoying me and the end of the day i'm hear to help him not help myself! 

That is thoughts for the week I hope you all will have aparty this week and I love you all!

-Elder Smith

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