Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hello every one!

I made it threw another week in Derry!

I will tell you about Jason our only investigator

We taught him just about the Book of Mormon and the power of prayer! The lesson was all over the place! I wasn't really on my "A" games when I was there! Next time when we meet with him it will be better!

That is all the investigators we are teaching! 

No Recent Convert!

Raymond and Shiobhon
These guys are a loving couple! He has a really strong testimony of the church but her's kinda shaking! We taught Sunday school and we went into different groups to talk about the different scriptures and I was in her group! She kept pulling up anti-mormon stuff! So I told her to write down all her question and we will answer them on Friday when we meet with them! It's sad to see her struggle! 

Now my story of the week! 

I decided to make myself some curry and eat a little bit then and then the rest later! Well a week later I ate the left- overs and then I was poisoned by my own food! IT SUCKED! It was a great story to tell all the members and LA and Investigators and missionaries! 

that is my story on the week! 

Yesterday though, we had Zone Development! That is where we gather as a Zone a have a really big P-Day! It was fun! Great stress reliever! 

well that is elder smith for ya! I can tell you this one last thing! this next 4 weeks and going to be a tough one for me! I'm in a really tough area and the ward doesn't like missionaries to much and my companion is not much of a do-er but a follower! So I am ready for this trial, and one of the reason the lord gives you trials is so that when a bigger trial, it does conquer you but you conquer it! 

Well I love you all! 

Keep you head up because I know I will! 

Elder Smith

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