Monday, February 2, 2015

Tommorow is the most happiest day of my mission!

So y'all never going to guess what tomorrow is! So tomorrow is the day that I can finally say that I have 1 year left! BOOO YA!!!!!!!!!!!!! then one the 20th I can say I have been out for a year! It's going to be a party over here! :)

So with that said I better work hard for the next year! :)

So I'll give you an update on our investigator! 

Dave and Amanda
 So dave came back from london and he said That the case went really well so that good! Then he told us about how God has helped him while he was down there! This is what he said! 

He said that he wasn't able to fall asleep and it was 4 in the morning and so he prayed and asked God for help with the dourt case tommorrow! Then he took some hard core sleeping piles and didn't wake up untill 10:10am! (which his court case started at 9:30am) so he was freaking out and got dressed and ran to the court house and made it there a hour late! but no one was there! so it turned out that the trains were down so everyone was 2-3 hours late and so Dave was on time! Now he has a testimony of pray! 

Then Dave showed up to church and he gavwe some really good insights and he is progressing really well! It is awesome to see! 

Shawna Brown
So with Shawna we taught her this week and it was just the 10 commandments but we had our Ward Mission Leader on a joint teach with us and he is so great at fellowshipping! He resolve her concern about church, sadly she didn't make it to church, but see seems to have more faith every time we meet with her! It is awesome! 

So Thomas's story is that we went over the restoration with him and he knew it all just was doubting himself! He was all pumped to go to church and everything and he didn;t show up! So he texted us and he told us how he was so upset at himself and he hated life and hated himself! So I told him not to hate himself but to make time for God! It was a little bit of love and a little bit of fire! He hasn't text us back yet so I need to text him to see how he is doing!

so Sarah is a new investigator and Thomas introduced us to her! when we first met her we sat there just really listening the whole time and she left feeling super happy! It was a really cool lesson1 She didn't show up to church like she said that she would! That's okay we never really invited her to come! She invited herself! So that happens! 

Gillian and Charlie
So Gillian didn't show up tp church this week and so we stopped by her house later on Sunday! We got talking to her and she said that she was not much of a church goer! NOW SHE TELLS US! well We'll have to teacher about agency and how at they end of the day there are only two choices! Happiness or sadness! Hopfully she understands how big agency is! 

Well that is everyone we taught this week! Not bad at all!

Elder McKay Smith
So this wekk at church fast and testimony meeting and our ward is giving a special fast about missionary work! As people were bearing their testimonies I was givin some revelation for God! I'll Tell you you about it! 

D&C4:1 "marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men." Keep that in mind!

As I was reading the First Vision It just hit me, that Joseph Smith took a leap of faith and asked God! He didn't know what was going to happen, He didn't know what the answer was going to be and when it came he was shocked! (see JSH 1:18) BUt at the end of the First Vision was the start of Joseph Smith's "marvelous work" Which made me think! If I had as much faith as Joseph Smith then what could my "marvelous work" be! what could your  "marvelous work" Even be! 

Well I love you you all and take it easy this week! Don't work to hard! 

-Elder Smith

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