Monday, February 9, 2015


Welcome Family and Friends to the once a week update on Elder Smith (also know as McKay)! Just sit back enjoy the email! The Party is about to start in 3... 2... 1...

Hey everyone! Here is my up date on my mission and the sheep (investigators) we are looking after!

So we met with Thomas this week and we went over baptism and the promises we make when are are baptised and we asked him if he is willing to do that and so we set a date for him! It is the 28th of March! We put it clear out there well in the futur because he has a slow memory and it is hard for him to remember Stuff and we still have to get him off the Cigz and the Coffee! He hasn't been to church in about 10 weeks so we were going to wait untill he showed up again to give him the date! However, we changed our mind and we felt like if we give him a date then he would come to church! Guess what it worked! He showed up to church this week! so slow progressions, Right?

So Sarah is Thomas's friend and she is awesome! We didn't have a chance to meet with her this week due to her starting work up and have to spirit of contention in her life! So that was disappointing! She did, however, come to church with Thomas! That was cool!  She really enjoyed it and she said she understood a lot of what was the talks were about! She had to leave early due to her leg hurting! (for she had a car crash that didn't turn out weel for her leg!) So She took Thomas with her and they bth left early! We'll have to see if we could get them to stay longer next week! 

Shawna Brown
So with Shawna We taught her abut fallowing the prophet and she seemed pretty okay about prophets right! So we gave her an Ensign to read so she can "hear from a Prophet!" we invited her to church and she seemed like she was going to come! But no show! THat is okay! She is still progressing! very Slowly! but progression nonw the less!

Gillian and Charley
So we met with gillian and we taught her about Agency and how there really are only two chioces! To follow God (and be happy) or to follow the devil (and not be happy)! We taught her about that because she hasn't been showing up to church or reading her scriptures! so we thought it way have changed her from not coming! Well she didn't come! so it is pretty dumb! what can you do about it!? not much, just keep teaching her! It's a bit sad I would have to say! 

So Dave is doing awesome! He said his prayers are doing very well and that his court case is more favoring him for the custody of his childeren! That is good! you can tell that he is progessing very well and that his life is doing a lot better! So we extended a date to him he said that he wouldn't know if he would be in during that week but he'll figure out tuesday and let us know! so hopefully we will hear from him soon! 

So that is all our investgators! We got dropped by William, that sucked! oh well he still has the Book of Mormon!

Now let's talk about me!

Elder Smith 
So this week we Weekly Planned on a lake next to a fire! That was fun! Then we walked on the frozen lake for a bit! that was scary! goog thing the deepest it got was 3ft! Then we did missionary work the erst of the week! By knock some doors! Party ike always! NOT! oh well until the work is done!  I also Learned in my studies this weeek the power behind to God's words! I forgot where the scripture was at about it was a good one! So I'll use my own words! It said how Gods words can distoy and they can creat, and fix and basically do anything! then it made me think how we have teh word of God today here on the earth, and it showed me the power we have with the word! It was a god scripture though! 

Well that is me y'all! Take it easy this week and read your scripture! 

-Elder Smith! 

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