Monday, January 26, 2015

IT's just me!

Hey Y'all,

Elder Smith here!

I'll tell you about the investigators we taught this week!

Gillian & Charlie
So we went over there with the home teacher! Her home teacher is a health freak and was talking about the word of wisdom to her the whole time! Which isn't a bad thing but man sometimes you can over do it! He was teling her that Irn Bru (The Famous Scotland Soft drink) Was bad for you! Which don't get me wrong, it does say on the bottle, "May have an effect with childrens attention..." So yeah it's bad for you but he made it wound like it was a sin to drink it! But it's sure it didn't bother! However there is some stuff that she is doing that we need to work on! I'll inform you with them! So She hasn't been reading and prayer! So that is the clear probablem! She hasn't been comeing to chruch because she has been staying up late partying! (Good thing she hasn't been drinking though) and the last thing is that her son charley been spending the night at his gran's house and been drinking tea! He told us that he is addicted to it!! AND HE'S 8! So We got a lot to work on! That s the fun part! 

Wiliam and Christina
Okay these guys are cool! So they both love studying! he doesn't understand the importance of the Book of Momon but he said he'll read it! So that is a bonus! But SHE is awesome! She is just rebuking him left and right say now this is nothing like the bible but it is around the same time as the bible! It was great! They are fun to teach! They want us over to stay for like 3-4 hours studying not even talking! So we just go to do what we got to do! They are good! Crazy but good! 

Shawna Brown
We taught her the Gosple of Jesus Christ, right? And as we were talking to her and asking her questions she got a bit emotional and I wish I keep the silence then she could have spoken her mind a bit more! I need to work on that! Sadly though we didn't get her on a date! so we still got to prepare her spirituallity be fore we invited to be baptised again! 

That is everyone! It was kind of a slow week this week so not much when one! However, I did get a request to make A little paragraph about me so might as well! 

Elder McKay Smith
So this wekk was pretty with me! I gave myself a hair cut and we had moves call! I'm stick with elder Harman again! So we will change Airdrie! On saturday we went to go and tract a high flat and this place is scetchy right? the 4th door in, on one answered! Then we thought it would be funny to take a picture of 102 door since that is what we planed to do all night! then some one yelled and asked who it was! (5 mintues later for the knock) We told them we were missionaries and then they opened the door! To make a long story short this girl was alone with two get and she was getting abused! We asked if she wanted our help she said no! But she does need our help so we are going to try to help her!
 So that is my update! This week was kinda Boring! NExt week will be better! 

Take it easy Family and Friends! 

I love you all! 

-Elder Smith

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